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Layered Hamburger Bake

Layered Hamburger Bake

Layered Hamburger Bake Tired of Turkey? Can’t possibly eat another turkey sandwich?  Are you racking your brain trying in come up with a “new” and “inventive” way to fix left-over holiday turkey? Stop! Leave that turkey in the refrigerator for a day and make Layered 

Cheese Stuffed Cucumber Bites

Cheese Stuffed Cucumber Bites If you’re looking for a fun and delicious way to serve cucumbers, give this recipe a try. If you want to serve a fast and refreshing appetizer this summer, stuffed cucumber bites are fantastic. This recipe calls for stuffing cucumber bites with 

Open-faced Cucumber Sandwiches

Open-faced Cucumber Sandwiches

Looking for a crisp and light cucumber sandwich? Then this sandwich is what your looking for. Made with a purchased loaf of barley rye bread, reduced-fat spreadable garden vegetable cream cheese, paper thin slices of English cucumber and then topped with Jack & The Green Sprouts alfalfa sprouts. A Wisconsin based sprouts company that has been in the business of sprouts for over forty years.


English Cucumber

English Cucumbers are usually more expensive than the garden varieties. They can grow up to 2 feet long, are thinner in circumference than their garden cousins and are virtually seedless. Purportedly burp-less, they’re marketed shrink wrapped in plastic. All cucumbers are available year-round, with the peak season May to August. This refreshing open-faced cucumber sandwich is oozing with fresh flavors.


What Does Open-faced Mean?

Open-faced is a descriptor used culinary for a “sandwich” consisting of one slice of bread topped with various ingredients such as sliced meat, cheese, pickles etc. Open-faced sandwiches are very popular in Scandinavia, where they’ve become an art form with elaborately arranged and decorated combinations. For the most part, open-faced sandwiches are cold but there are also hot varieties such as: bread topped with meat slices and gravy.


Perfect for Parties

Open-faced cucumber sandwiches are perfect to serve as an appetizer at parties and showers. Purchase a small party loaf of whole wheat or rye bread and scale down the sandwiches. It’s possible to also make the sandwiches with regular size bread to serve as appetizers. After toasting the bread, cut off the crusts and proceed with directions, cutting the sandwiches into four pieces.

Recipe Tip: Toasting the bread slices first and then allowing the slices to cool on a wire rack or standing the slices upright before spreading with vegetable cream cheese spread, will keep the slices from becoming soggy. Stand two slices of bread upright and lean the two slices together, tepee style. This is my favorite way to cool bread slices. This tip works great for all sandwiches/appetizers that might need to ‘sit’ during serving time.