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Turkey Lasagna Roll Ups

Turkey Lasagna Roll Ups About five years ago, we started making lasagna for our Christmas Dinner. Up until that time, we had made ham, duck, goose, lamb and beef tenderloin. That was all fine and dandy, but it seemed to involve more work than I 

Polish Kiszka or Blood Sausage

Polish Kiszka or Blood Sausage

Polish Kiszka or Blood Sausage You have probably, without a doubt, clicked on the recipe title, Polish Kiszka or Blood Sausage, because you’re curious as too what the ‘h’ is ‘Blood Sausage?’ That was my exact question to my husband when he brought home a ring of blood 

Finnish Spice Cookies

Finnish Spice Cookies

Finnish Spice Cookies

Finnish Spice Cookies or Nissu Nassu or “Piparkakuts are a traditional holiday cookie in Finland. They are usually cut into round scallop shapes, but little boys and pigs are the traditional shapes during the holidays. I didn’t have either type of cookie cutters, so I went with a snow flake. Also, the cookies are traditionally lined with royal icing along the edge of the pig shaped cookies.

Ways to Cut Out Cookies

There are several different ways to cut-out cookie dough. The most used and recognizable are cookie cutters. Cookie Cutters are a metal or plastic device used to cut decorative shapes out of dough that has been rolled flat. Cookie cutters are available singly or in sets. Dipping a cookie cutter into flour or sugar first will prevent it from sticking to the soft dough.

Rolling Pin Cookie Cutter

A rolling cookie cutter has wooden handles at both ends and a metal, plastic or wooden cylinder is marked with raised designs. A wooden, rolling pin with raised designs imprinted into it, is a prime example. Often used years ago, this style of rolling pin cookie cutter is making a comeback. When the cutter is rolled across the dough, it cuts a jigsaw-puzzle pattern of differently shaped cookies, without any waste.

Cookie Gun or Cookie Press

A cookie press also called a cookie gun, is a tool that consists of a hollow tube fitted at one end with a decorative template or nozzle, and at the other end with a plunger. The tube is filled with a soft cookie dough. The plunger forces the dough out through the decorative tip to form pressed cookies. Cookie presses come with a selection of interchangeable templates. Spritz are one of the best-known cookies formed on a press.

(Wooden) Cookie Molds

Cookie molds are most often made of wood. These decorative molds are used to create designs in some European cookies. The cookie dough is pressed into a floured mold, leveled off with a knife and then inverted onto a baking sheet. Cookie molds come in all shapes and sizes and are available at specialty kitchenware shops.


Cookie Stamp

A cookie stamp is a small, decorative round or square cookie imprinter. Cookie stamps or imprinters are usually made of glass, ceramic or wood. When the stamp is pressed into a ball of cookie dough, it not only flattens it but imprints a design on the surface. Cookie stamps come in many designs and are available at specialty kitchenware shops. Many times cookie stamps, molds or cookie presses are handed down within families.