December 2, 2016

Carnation® Famous Fudge

šŸŽ„On the Menu Today~
Carnation® Famous Fudge

Creamy, Silky and Smooth~

Carnation® Famous Fudge has been around for years..Why?
It's easy to make..even for the first time fudge maker...
It turns out everytime and it's delicious!

There are a few "rules" to making fudge...
1. Use a heavy-duty, medium saucepan...(no teflon please)
2. Bring sugar, butter, milk and salt mixture to a full rolling boil and stir constantly..
3. Add marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts and stir vigorously.

November 30, 2016

Turkey Monte Cristo Sandwich

On the Menu Today~
Turkey Monte Cristo Sandwich

Make this delicious sandwich using
left-over holiday turkey and
whole berry cranberry sauce.

Spread thick slices of Texas style toast/bread with Dijon mustard,
layer slices of left-over holiday turkey and slices of Gouda cheese.
Top sandwich with a few tablespoons of whole-berry cranberry sauce.

November 28, 2016

Gravy over Texas Toast/Bread

On the Menu Today~

Thanksgiving and left-overs go hand in hand.

When I was growing up,
Thanksgiving left-overs included warmed gravy over thick slices of white bread.
My mom would pour warmed left-over Thanksgiving gravy,
over thick slices of Texas Toast/Bread.
In fact, whenever we had left-over gravy,
the next day, you could count on having warmed gravy over thick slices of white bread.

This is still one of my favorite ways to indulge....
No recipe required~

November 27, 2016

{Spiked} Cranberry Tea

On the Menu Today~
{Spiked} Cranberry TeašŸ¹

Turnips 2 Tangerines has taken the challenge~
Stirrings Stir It Up Holiday Mixology Challenge!
Stirrings is Creating Simply Better Cocktails~

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