May 21, 2017

Blackberry Brandy Slush

On the Menu Today~
Blackberry Brandy Slush and
Norms Farms Elderflower Syrup.

Here in Wisconsin, we sure do love a good Brandy Slush.
The Wisconsin Brandy Slush is a Midwestern classic and a
Wisconsin family favorite.
This simple recipe has been handed down in families and
was even published in the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1981.
Popular at Christmas, bridal showers, football games and
perfect for barbecues, special occasions or
lazy summer days spent at the lake.
The Brandy Slush is a perfect summertime or
anytime drink.

A Brandy Slush is a delicious, frozen blend of
fruit juice, lemonade, tea and of course, Brandy.
The icy mix is then topped off with your favorite sparkling soda.
Brandy Slush can be made with plain brandy or
just about any flavored brandy you can find....
A few of our favorite brandies to use are:
Apricot Brandy, Apple Brandy, and Blackberry Brandy.

Our version of the Blackberry Brandy Slush
is topped off with a fantastic syrup...
Elderflower Syrup and/or Elderflower Ginger Syrup.
A Craft Soda Syrup & Cocktail Mixer from
Norm's Farms * Pittsboro* North Carolina

Elderflower Syrup is made in small batches and
uses organic elderflowers that add a succulent and
delicious flavor to sparkling water, cocktails, sorbets,
cakes and so much more.
I enjoy elderflower syrup in my afternoon cup of hot tea,
in place of my usual organic honey.
Elderflower Syrup is deliciously different.
Drizzled on a tall glass of Blackberry Brandy Slush,
Blackberry Brandy Slush is a wonderful drink to sip,
on a hot, muggy, Midwestern summer evening.

Elderflower Syrup or Elderflower Ginger Syrup,
would be delicious on a cake that is normally soaked in alcohol.
The two types of cakes that come to mind are:
Christmas fruit cake and English layered trifle.
Replace some of the alcohol called for in your favorite recipe with
Elderflower Syrup or Elderflower Ginger Syrup,
for a fantastic and different taste sensation.

Norms Farms has everything you will need to know about the Elderberry,
including recipes using their wonderful products.
Check out this yummy sounding cake roll that is on Norms Farms.
Elderberry Cranberry Walnut Cake Roll made with
Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam.
It sounds absolutely out of this world!
Image Credit: Norms Farms
Did I tell you the health benefits of the Elderberry?
To learn more about the Elderberry and
to purchase products made with Elderflowers & Elderberries go to: Norms Farms.

May 17, 2017

Tuna Melt

On the Menu Today~
Tuna Melt
A true classic~

When I see Tuna Melt on the menu,
I immediately think of a 1950's roadside diner.....
a mom and pop, jukebox joint...
Tuna Melt is a true 'retro' recipe.

A few simple ingredients turns a pouch of tuna,
into a satisfying and affordable meal.

May 16, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #226


Welcome Back Everyone!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather..
Here in northern Wisconsin we hit a high of 80 degrees on Tuesday~
Not to shabby....
This is about the time I wish I would have 
stuck to my New Year's resolution and
stayed on my diet! 
ha ha ha
Oh, well maybe next year!

Everyone have a great Mother's Day?  Well, next stop⇨ Memorial Day! Life is just one great event after another, isn't it!  Well, let's get right down to business and check out the posts you loved the most last week!

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