August 22, 2017

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August 21, 2017

How to Make Vanilla Sugar

On the Menu Today~
How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Many European recipes I want to try call for Vanilla Sugar.
You can even purchase vanilla sugar on Amazon.
When I saw the price, I though, you have got to be kidding me....
For the price of one 2.5 oz bag of vanilla sugar plus the cost of shipping,
I can buy a bottle of Watkins Madagascar Vanilla Beans (under $10.00) which contain 2 beans,
5 lb. bag of sugar (under $2.00) and make my own vanilla sugar.....and then some!

My hubby loves to drink Bird Dog Whiskey, which is great for me. Why?
Because Bird Dog whiskey comes in decorative bottles with a cork stopper....
perfect for storing my vanilla sugar.

Vanilla sugar is wonderfully fragrant and flavorful sugar made by burying vanilla beans in granulated sugar or powdered sugar. The beans can also be scraped from the bean pod and the seeds are added to granulated sugar. The result is a delicious and perfumy sugar that can be used as an ingredient for baked goods, fruit and other desserts.

Vanilla sugar in a decorative bottle,
makes a great teacher gift, birthday gift or
even hostess gifts during the holidays.

August 20, 2017

German Style Coleslaw

On the Menu Today~
German Style Coleslaw

Here in Wisconsin we love a good Friday Night Fish Fry and
what goes with battered fried fish?
Coleslaw, of course.....that and
tarter sauce and buttered rye bread.

German-Style Coleslaw is made with a fantastic homemade vinegar/oil dressing.
We used a German Seasoned Vinegar by Hengstenberg.
You can also use distilled white vinegar.

We normally prefer a creamy style coleslaw but
after trying this recipe we might have changed our minds.
This recipe makes a tangy, slightly sweet dressing,
that goes perfect with the crisp cabbage and carrots.
The dressing consists of vinegar, dry mustard, celery seeds,
salt, sugar and vegetable oil. Even my 4 year old grand-daughter
loved this coleslaw, she ate two bowls!

August 19, 2017

German Potato Salad

On the Menu Today~
German Potato Salad

For this recipe we used Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes by: Melissa's.
Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes have a rich, buttery flavor. 
Perfect grilled, roasted or in salads.
Not only were these little gems tasty,
they made making German Potato Salad a breeze to make.
Boiled whole for 20 to 25 minutes, cut in half, and
tossed with bacon, green onions and
a tasty vinegary dressing,
this recipe for German Potato Salad,
was ready to eat in less than 45 minutes.
No peeling, chopping, dicing involved.

This was the first time we have ever made German Potato Salad.
I'm really not sure why either....
maybe it was the vinegar....but
it probably comes down to the fact,
that most potato salads are creamy.
We have always made a mayonnaise based potato salad and
I think most people think of potato salad as a creamy-style potato salad.
Most if not all of the parties, family get togethers, and
summer grill parties, always serve a creamy version of potato salad.

Well that is about to change....
We really, really, loved this recipe.
The bacon, sliced green onion and
the potatoes were delicious. But the
star of the salad was the easy vinegar dressing.
We used a German Seasoned Vinegar by: Hengstenberg
If you can't find German Seasoned Vinegar,
a good quality apple cider vinegar can be substituted,
with the same great results.

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