Make Monte Cristo Sandwiches with homemade leftover cranberry sauce or use whole berry cranberry sauce from Ocean Spray Whole Cranberry Sauce.


  1. Daphne Bryson says

    Good Afternoon Lynn, Well I never, I would not have thought to add Dijon Mustard in a sandwich with cranberry sauce…. but I have to tell you, it looks pretty appetising.
    I love discovering new ideas for using left over turkey…. and I just know, I am going to really enjoy this sandwich.
    Best Wishes

    • LNLVNDR says

      Hello Daphne,
      So nice to see you here~
      I love mustard and cranberry sauce together and
      I hope you'll give this recipe a try.
      Another recipe I like with cranberry sauce that is different is called:
      Cranberry Jezebel Sauce, made with horseradish~
      Thanks for dropping by and
      Happy Holidays to you~

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