November 2, 2012

Let's Talk Figs~

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Let's Talk Figs

Figs are higher in fiber than any other fruit or vegetable.
They also contain iron, calcium and potassium.
Figs are a natural mild laxative.
The black fig pulp has been used as an ingredient in facial masks.
The juice from the leaves has been used on insect bites, bee stings, corns and warts.

The fig tree is part of the Moraceae Family, along with the mulberry.
The fig tree has been around since the earliest recorded history.
It has become the symbol of abundance, fertility and sweetness. T
he fig was first used in a commercial product in 1892 in the Fig Newton Cookie.

Fig season runs from June-December in the Northern Hemisphere.
Skin color can range from: white to almost black
Flesh color can range from: honey-hued to plum-purple
Size can range from: marble size to the size of a small pear
Figs can have flavors reminiscent of  raspberry, maple syrup,
caramel, honey and almond.

Most common types of figs are:
Black Mission,
Brown Turkey,
King and Kodota.

Top photo from: Riverhead Local

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