Bisquick A Staple in the Kitchen

Ever wonder how Bisquick got its start? Read onward to find out exactly how. Today’s post is a brief history as to how Bisquick became the queen of the kitchen but also how Bisquick A Staple in the Kitchen has remained in the position for nearly 90 years.

Introduced In

Bisquick was introduced in 1931 and is still going strong today. Bisquick has been making great biscuits, pancakes, cobblers and a whole lot more for over 80+ years. Bisquick has been around for so many years because of its convenience and everything you make with Bisquick turns out super.


Staple in the Kitchen

Bisquick has been around for as long as I can remember. My mom always had a box of Bisquick in her cupboard, just in case. When I was a newlywed, many years ago, my sister gave me two boxes of Bisquick, a Bisquick Cookbook and an apron. Back then my sister Barb was the Queen of Bisquick.
I first heard of “Impossible Pies” from her.I’m not positive, but I think she has probably made every recipe for Impossible Pie that has ever been written. I’m not sure if Barb still uses Bisquick, but I have recently re-discovered this baking mix.

A Brief History Of Bisquick

Bisquick was born on a train, over 80 years ago.
Carl Smith, sales executive for General Mills, ordered biscuits with his meal. It was well past lunch time when he ordered but fresh, piping hot biscuits arrived within minutes. The Chefs secret? The Chef blended lard, flour, baking powder and salt in advance and stored the mixture in the ice chest. Smith immediately saw the potential of a premixed baking mixHe took the idea to Charlie Kress, the head chemist at General Mills. Less than one year after Smiths diner-car discovery, Bisquick biscuit mix made its debut in 1931. It was a run-away hit!

Bisquick makes it easy. With America at war during the first half of the forties, families came to depend on the much-needed convenience of Bisquick. Betty Crocker Kitchens developed great tasting recipes for every meal earning Bisquick the slogan; “A world of baking in a box”

In the fabulous 50’s
The versatility of the “12-in-1 mix” was the popular slogan. Popular Bisquick recipes began to appear on the yellow box. Many of these same recipes are still printed on the Bisquick box today.

“So Quick with New Bisquick” “Now a completely New Bisquick!”  Was the slogan for the fast moving 60’s. Designed to appeal to makers of Southern-Style Biscuits  the New and Improved Bisquick professed to make even lighter, fluffier biscuits than made from scratch biscuits. The reformulated Bisquick preformed so well in test markets that it was rolled out into the national distribution. Regular Bisquick was soon replaced and the word “new” was dropped from the product name.

The 70’s brought an abundance of new Bisquick recipe ideas. An updated version of a previous cookbook was introduced. The cookbook was packed full with over 200 creative recipes.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bisquick, a special cookbook was introduced called; Betty Crocker’s Creative Recipes with Bisquick Beginning in 1981,  The “pie that did the impossible, formed its own crust as it baked” was heavily promoted with recipes, product advertising and recipe booklets. The original Impossible Coconut Pie and Impossible Bacon Pie quickly expanded to over 100 different recipe variations, (my sister Barb made at least 85:)  Since then these crustless pies have been renamed: “Impossibly Easy Pies” “Impossibly Easy Pies” are still requested favorites to this day.

Bisquick continues to be a staple in homes across America. Busy moms and dads depend on Bisquick to get great tasting, home-made meals on the table fast.

2000 and 2010
Eight decades later, America’s first biscuit mix remains a baking classic. It’s as versatile and reliable as ever. Bisquick now comes in several varieties including: Bisquick Original, Bisquick Heart Smart, and Bisquick Gluten-free. The many recipes using Bisquick are too numerous to mention proving Bisquick is still a much loved baking mix. For recipes and more go to: Bisquick

Impossible Coconut Pie  is of course made with Bisquick making it not at all impossible to make. Recent Recipe: Buckwheat Zucchini Fritters with Tzatziki Sauce