Valentine’s Day Candy Charcuterie Tray

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Turnips 2 Tangerines and Happy Valentine’s Day. Today I’m going to share with you a video I recently did on making a Valentine’s Day Candy Charcuterie Tray. I purchased all of the candy, and the large silver tray at the Dollar Tree. I could have easily made two or even three smaller trays with all of the candy I bought! Everything purchased was under $18.00. What a deal, eh?

Covid Kicked Butt

As you may have noticed, I’ve been missing in action here on Turnips 2 Tangerines. I’d like to apologize for this and therefore explain. I have been spending a lot of my time over on YouTube, trying to get my YouTube channel up. I’ve decided to keep it going, despite the lack of enthusiasm for my channel. I enjoy doing the videos and it has helped with winter  boredom blues. The reason I’ve been MIA is a simple one and one many of you probably have experienced.

For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been dealing with Covid-19. I’m here to tell you that it hasn’t been fun! It started out as cold, sore throat and an earache, which turned into a stomach virus and EVERYTHING that goes along with that. I started to feel good about the third week and then wham, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. The exhaustion was terrible, along with  all the rest. BUT enough is enough. I’ve got to push through it.

What’s On a Candy Charcuterie Tray?

Basically, any type of candy can be found on a charcuterie tray. Depending on the holiday, Christmas, Easter Or Birthday, buy your favorite candy and/or the favorite Candy of whomever you’re making the charcuterie tray for. Since I made this tray for my hubby, I bought his favorites, and a few of mine too:)

Here is a short list of just a few of the candies I used:

  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Heart-shaped JuJu Hearts
  • Gummi Hearts
  • Sour Cherry Balls
  • 4 different kinds of Chocolate Hearts
  • Pixie Sticks
  • Strawberry Sugar Wafer Cookies
Valentine Candy Charcuterie Tray


No Time?

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