Today Let’s Talk About Spices

Today Let’s Talk About Spices. I have a confession to make, I am a Spice-a-holic and a Spice Hoarder. I love spices and have many different spices in my pantry. A few years ago, my hubby and I moved to rural Wisconsin. I found it was easier and much cheaper to order spices online. When we do go grocery shopping, I stock up. I’m a sucker for spices so many times I pick up a spice or spice blend, just to try it out. Sorry, smells not included.

Finding Spices

When we lived in the Fox Valley, it wasn’t a problem to find spices. Penzey’s has an outlet store located in Grand Chute, near the Fox River Mall. There are numerous large grocery stores to shop for spices. Trader Joe’s has a great selection and so does Woodman’s grocery store. I do purchase spices at Trigs located in Rhinelander WI. Often times I shop for my spices online from Penzey’s and Watkins.

Add Flair to Your Recipes

Add flair to your recipes by using herbs and spices. Varying the seasonings will add attitude and style to your dishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations you might not normally think of. Nutmeg goes naturally with sweets like cookies and cakes but did you know it will do wonders with spinach? Add some sass to strawberries and melons with a sprinkle of black or white pepper.

Spice History

Pungent or aromatic seasonings obtained from the bark, buds, fruit, roots, seeds or stems of various plants and trees. Whereas herbs usually come from the leafy part pf a plant. Spices were prized long before recorded history. Though they’ve always been used to flavor food and drink, spices have also been used for medicines and perfumes, religious ceremonies and as a burial accouterments. Spices were used as a form of currency in the Middle Ages.

Everyone loves Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies and Dried Cherry Orange Scones with Orange Glaze

Looking to add more spice to your recipes? Give these a try. Making your own spice blends is super economical.  Pumpkin Pie Spice and 16 Spice Seasoning Blend. *Images on this page found on Pinterest.*