Three Ways to Eat Healthier

Eating healthier foods and being healthy in general are not just trendy topics. Taking care of your body is an essential part of living life to the fullest. There are a few helpful tips to follow to get you on your way to a healthier and happier you.

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Eating Healthier

The first steps to being healthier generally start with eating healthier. It is a fraught topic that is full of frustrations. Plants and vegetables are essential nutrients and great plate fillers, but you might find yourself craving more. Going vegan and vegetarian are environmentally friendly options, but what if you miss meat? Look to No Evil Foods reviews for alternative food inspiration.

Gone are the days of eating bland and visually displeasing food to help both your health and the planet. No Evil Foods is marketed as “plant meat” and gives you the taste and texture that you might miss from meat but without the unhealthy fillers and attempts to replicate actual meat. It even has environmentally friendly packaging. 


Serving Size

Paying close attention to the serving sizes listed on food labels will benefit your health goals. It is easy to overeat and not even realize it. Start by investing in a food scale if you do not already own one. It is a small item that you will use often. Weigh everything at first to gain an understanding of what true portion sizes are. Once you are used to this practice, you will probably not need to measure or weigh your food at every meal. 

Next, look at the type of plate you use for meals. If you use a large dinner plate, swap it out for a smaller salad plate. When you plate your meals, the same serving on the smaller plate will offer you more visual appeal and satisfaction because it looks fuller. 


Here is a helpful video on diet quality and what to look for in foods.


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Stock Up On Supplies

Once you have purchased your food and prepared the individual ingredients and meals, where do you put it all? While you can certainly go shopping for more containers and vessels to put it all in, you have more sustainable options available to you. If you eat yogurt, you likely have come across the large and small tubs with lids. Instead of recycling them immediately after use, clean and save them for food storage.


Plastic takeout containers will serve the same purpose and no longer designate to single-use status. Look in your cupboards and cabinets for Mason jars with lids. Use these jars to perfectly portion meals and store ingredients. When you have the right tools at hand, it makes eating healthier that much easier.

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Finally, if you are at the beginning of your healthy eating path, be patient with yourself. If you make a detour from your intended plan, give yourself some grace. You have to enjoy life and not feel guilty. Eat well for your overall health and remember to treat yourself to a delicious dessert every once in a while. You deserve it.