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Fresh Tomato Radish Salad

Fresh Tomato Radish Salad

Fresh Tomato Radish Salad This recipe is a sure fire way to use up the over abundance of fresh tomatoes growing in your garden. Fresh tomato radish salad is one of our favorite recipes using tomatoes. It’s fast, easy, affordable and delicious. The flavor of 

Cucumber Radish Sandwiches

Cucumber Radish Sandwiches If you’re looking for a cool and refreshing sandwich to serve for dinner on these dog days of summer, this one’s for you. Cucumber Radish Sandwiches, sometimes called Cucumber “Tea” Sandwiches, aren’t just for tea anymore. It’s time to take this classic Southern-style 

Cool Cucumber Radish Salad

Cool Cucumber Radish Salad

Cool Cucumber Radish Salad

Hi Guys, Lynn here back with another recipe. If your looking for a great recipe to enjoy this Labor Day weekend, Cucumber Radish Salad is the answer. Cool cucumber, peppery radish and sliced onions are tossed together oil/vinegar/sugar. This simple and easy salad is the perfect salad to make this time of year when cucumbers and radishes are in season.

cool cucumber

Light Dressing

The dressing for this salad is an oil based dressing. Made with olive oil, white wine vinegar and little bit it of sugar. For this salad we used Vidalia onions, but you can use red, white or yellow onions. The dressing can also be made with dried dill weed, if fresh isn’t available. For this salad, you want the cucumber, radish, onion and garlic sliced paper thin. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a mandoline.

cool cucumber

What is a Mandoline?

Mandoline [MAHN-duh-lihn; mahn-duh-LEEN] A compact, hand-operated machine with various adjustable blades for thin to thick slicing and for Julienne and French-Fry cutting. Mandolines have folding legs, and come in both wood or stainless steel-frame models. Mandoline come in plastic type models. Mandolines come in all price ranges. They’re used to cut firm vegetables and fruits (potatoes or apples) with uniformity and precision.

cool cucumber

Types of Sweet Onions

The Maui Onion:

Hailing as its name implies, from the Hawaiian island of the same name, is sweet, mild and crisply moist. It can range in color from white to pale yellow and is usually shaped like a slightly flattened sphere. The Maui onion’s season is from April to July.

Vidalia Onion:

Are the namesake of Vidalia, Georgia, where they thrive. At their best, these large, pale yellow onions are exceedingly sweet and juicy. They’re usually available much of the year in the regions where grown and from May through July elsewhere.

Walla Walla Onion:

Walla Walla onions are from Washington State, named after the city of the same name. Large, round and golden, they’re in season from June to September but are often available outside their growing area by mail order or specialty produce markets.

Oso Sweet Onions:

Hail from South America and as their name suggests, are extremely succulent and sweet. In fact, Oso Sweet Onions contain almost 50 percent more sugar than Vidalias. They’re available in specialty produce markets from January through March.

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