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Mexican Street Corn aka Elote

Mexican Street Corn aka Elote

Mexican Street Corn aka Elote Mexican Street Corn aka Elote is a super delicious recipe that I have wanted to make for a long time. But, I’ve always been hesitant for one reason and one reason only, the mayo. Now don’t get me wrong, I love 

Polvorones Mexican Sugar Cookies

Polvorones Mexican Sugar Cookies Polvorones Mexican Sugar Cookies #Choctoberfest 2018 are made with Imperial Powdered Sugar our gold sponsor and Forte Salted Chocolate. Mexican Wedding Cookies, Mexican Sugar Cookies, Snowball Cookies, Pecan Fingers, Russian Tea Cakes are all names for these buttery cookies. The cookies are all made with 

Celebrate with Buñuelos or Mexican Fritters

Celebrate with Buñuelos or Mexican Fritters

Let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Buñuelos!

Buñuelos are the perfect ending to any celebration, and boy, are they good!! Buñuelos is the Spanish word for ‘fritters’, and who doesn’t like a fritter! Buñuelos are served for numerous festive occasions and celebrations, from Christmas and Thanksgiving to birthdays and baptisms. Let’s Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Buñuelos!

Word About Buñuelos

It is thought that Buñuelos originate from Spain. During the Spanish settlement of the Americas, explorers brought the Buñuelo tradition with them.
These Buñuelos, or fritter snacks are consumed throughout Latin America and are also popular in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Cuba. Said to bring good luck if eaten during the holidays, Buñuelos are extremely popular on Christmas among the Mexican/Hispanic community.

Ingredients Vary

Although the ingredients vary slightly throughout the different regions each recipe made according to local tastes and customs. Many countries add anise tea to the dough others sprinkle them with sugar or a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Some regions drizzle Buñuelos with honey, jam or cream, while others make a syrup called, piloncillo syrup.

What is Piloncillo?

Pronounced: pee-lon-SEE-yoh. Piloncillo is made from pure, unrefined sugar that is pressed into a cone shape. It tastes very similar to brown sugar with the added hint of molasses flavor. Its name means “little pylon” because of it’s shape. The smaller cones are usually around 1 ounce and the large cones are around 8 ounces. They come in light, “blanco” and dark “oscura” If you don’t have piloncillo on hand you can substitute 1 cup of dark brown sugar and 1 tablespoon molasses for each 8 to 9 oz cone.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious Buñuelos, made extra yummy with the addition of Anise tea. Anise tea adds that extra-special and traditional flavor. You can use milk or water in place of the Anise tea. You can sprinkle Buñuelos with a cinnamon-sugar mixture or serve them with a drizzle of Piloncillo syrup. All recipes are given below.

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