Potato Breakfast Recipes to Try

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Potatoes aren’t just for dinner. There are many ways to incorporate these tasty root vegetables into your breakfast. Like eggs, they are incredibly versatile and full of nutrients and energy (they’re a great source of carbs for when you have an active day ahead). Below are just a few fun ways to incorporate potatoes into your breakfast. 

Potato pancakes

Traditional pancakes are made from egg, milk and flour. However, you can make them out of mashed potatoes too. This German potato pancakes recipe explains how to make delicious potato pancakes. These can be great as a savory option, or they can be paired with sweet toppings like blueberries and maple syrup. Bacon and maple syrup on potato pancakes tastes particularly good that make for a nice mix of sweet and savory. Feel free to experiment with other toppings.

Home fries

Home fries consist of fried cubes of potato and are another great way to incorporate spuds into your breakfast. They taste great mixed with other ingredients such as scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms or diced bacon. Alternatively, you can have them on their own as a side. You can buy packets of home fries, however they’re surprisingly easy to make from scratch. Visit this page here for the best homemade fries recipe!

Hash browns

Hash browns are another favourite breakfast food that is made from potatoes. They are made from finely chopped potatoes that are crushed together and fried. Most people prefer to buy premade hash browns, but if you’re feeling ambitious you can make your own. A benefit of making your own is that you can add in all kinds of spices and extra flavorings like onion. 

Potato waffles

Potato waffles are made in a similar way to pancakes – typically mash potato that is then fried. Getting the waffle shape requires using a waffle iron. You can buy these fairly cheaply online and in many home supply stores. Potato waffles are typically savory, but they can be sweetened with sugar to be made into more of a sweet breakfast snack. Check out this guide on how to make potato waffles.

Potato and bacon omelette

You can also use potatoes as a filing in an omelette. This could include potato slices or cubes. Potatoes go really well with bacon and cheese in an omelette. You could even add in some spinach to add more flavor. Bear in mind that both potatoes and egg can be quite heavy together, so this shouldn’t be prepared as a light breakfast option. 

Breakfast jacket potato

Jacket potatoes are typically more of a lunchtime food because of how hearty they are. However, if you’re feeling like you need a substantial breakfast, you can always cook yourself a jacket potato in the morning. Many breakfast foods go well in a jacket potato. Baked beans and cheese are one popular option. You can also add bacon and cheese – and even mushrooms. You could even consider adding scrambled egg as a filling with bacon bits and cheese. It’s totally up to you!

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