October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The perfect month to schedule an appointment for a mammogram. Early detection is key to reducing your chances for developing breast cancer. Each year, Breast Cancer will affect so many women. Alone with these women, their families are also affected by this disease. Early detection is key to survival rates.


In My Family

In my family, Breast Cancer has touched all of us and therefore changed all of our lives forever. In many ways it changed the lives of our own children, in the way in which we raised them. I still have trouble talking about that time in my life, even after so many years have passed by. I’ve decided not to go into my life while living with my mom during that horrendous time in my life or the difficulty all of us had after her passing. Instead I want to stress the importance of early detection and self-examination.

Age 47

When my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she was 46 years old. When she lost her battle with Breast Cancer, she was only 47 years old. My sisters and my brother have all out lived her, myself included. I have 2 nieces, her grand-daughters, who are both approaching that symbolic year in their lives. That symbolic year in my family. My mom had 5 daughters, 9 grand-daughters and 4 great grand-daughters. We all have been Breast Cancer free.

My Mom Aggie

My mom was able to spend time with 3 of her grand-daughters before she passed away. I was in high school when my mom lost her battle with Breast Cancer. She passed away in April on my 16th birthday. That was almost 40 years ago. My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the 70’s. Back then when you were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, you were basically given a death sentence. Breast Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Awareness has changed the way people think, feel and know about Breast Cancer.


Early Detection

There has been huge advancements in technology and in research. Mammograms and self-examination has saved lives. I have been getting a yearly mammogram since I was 30 years old. If you have never had a mammogram, talk to your Doctor. Depending on your age and family history, your Doctor can best advise you as to when you should get a mammogram. Most Insurance plans and Medicare cover the cost of a yearly mammogram. There are free mammograms and low cost mammograms available. Today mammograms can detect a spot the size of a pin-head. That’s truly remarkable.

If my mom would have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer today, I am positive she would have had a fighting chance and maybe she would have had a long and happy life. And me, my sisters and my brother would have had happier lives with with her in it. I am dedicating this post to my Mom and
to All the Brave Women who are fighting their own battles with Breast Cancer.



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