June is Dairy Month

 June 1st starts June Dairy month here in Wisconsin. Join the many festivities taking place throughout Wisconsin during the month. Have some fun this June and Celebrate Dairy Month. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has a site called: “Dairy Days of Summer.” Dairy Days of Summer gives you all the dates, a list of events and all the information that you will need to salute Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry. June Dairy Month started back in 1937 as a tribute to what the dairy industry gives to our country.





Yes, it’s June already, so lets celebrate Dairy Month. Schools are almost out throughout the state and kids are celebrating their last days of the school year. Start off the month by enjoying Breakfast on the Farm. It’s an easy thing to accomplish as there are more than 65 “Breakfast On the Farm” events throughout the state and throughout the month of June!


Dairy Month

One of the best things about weekends is eating out for breakfast, Usually this happens at a favorite local restaurant, but if it’s Springtime or Summertime in Wisconsin, some of the best weekend eating “out” experiences are found on the farm! Both the National Dairy Council and the Midwest Dairy Association honor June as Dairy Month and, with Wisconsin being crowned the nation’s official Dairy State, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has worked extensively to help people discover first hand what makes Wisconsin’s dairy products so special!


Celebrate Dairy Month with a few of our favorite recipes. We certainly can’t talk about Wisconsin and Dairy Month without sharing a recipe for deep fried cheese curds. After all, besides a few very famous sports teams here in Wisconsin; Badgers, Brewers, Bucks and the Green Bay Packers, cheese curds and cheese heads have put us on the map, so to speak.

Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Jeff’s Beer Cheese Dip