Incredible Independence Day Recipes

Can you believe that today is the 4th of July?? Me either!! Summer is flying by, in fact this whole year has flown by…Do you have any plans for the 4th? We normally have my daughter and her bunch up for the 4th but this year we decided to change this up. We’re going to take our grandson to the Milwaukee Brewers game. It’s free hat day and $1.00 hot dog day so we’ll have a great time! Incredible Independence Day Recipes are Great!


Eight Favorites

Today we are going to share eight of our favorite 4th of July recipes. All of the recipes are easy to make and won’t keep you in the kitchen. I don’t know what it’s like where you live but here in Northern Wisconsin, it has been HOT and I mean HOT, like 95 degrees hot. I’m not a fan of hot humid weather at all. I always say I live in Wisconsin for a reason….I like cold weather, seriously I prefer cooler weather. My dream vacation would be to go to Alaska.

First Up

The first recipe in our line-up today, is a recipe for Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes. These little firecrackers pack a real punch. Why? They’re made with giardiniera relish. Chicago-style giardiniera relish can be made either “hot” or “mild.” Hot girardiniera relish is made with “sport” peppers and the mild version is made without. Giardiniera relish is served on Italian beef sandwiches, muffuletta and even pizza.


Italian Style Giardiniera

The Italian version of giardiniera is also called sottaceti (“under vinegar”), a common term for pickled foods. It is typically eaten as an antipasto or with salads. The Italian version includes bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower and gherkins. The pickled vegetables are marinated in oil, red or white wine vinegar, herbs and spices. When making/purchasing Giardiniera the vegetables are left whole and Giardiniera relish, the vegetables are chopped.

Chicago-Style Giardiniera

Chicago-style giardiniera is commonly made hot with sport peppers or mild without, along with a combination of assorted vegetables including bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, serrano peppers, gherkins, and crushed red peppers flakes. This combination is marinated in vegetable oil or olive oil. Some commercially prepared versions are labeled “Chicago-style giardiniera”  You can easily make your own giardiniera/relish or purchase it.

Use as a Condiment

Giardiniera is commonly available in traditional or spicy varieties, the latter is sometimes referred to as “hot mix.” In the Chicago area, giardiniera is used as a versatile condiment that can be used on a variety of different foods such as bratwurst, bruschetta, burgers, pasta, omelets, hot dogs and any sandwich. Giardiniera is also a topping for Italian beef sandwiches and a milder giardiniera is used for a muffuletta.

Here are our favorite brands of Giardiniera and Giardiniera Relish: Mezzetta and Marconi.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes are made with ricotta cheese, giardiniera relish, Parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes.


Next up: Red, White and Blue Krispies Treats

Second in our line-up today is that All American Classic, Red, White and Blue Krispies Treats Red, White and Blue Krispies Treats are made with New {Limited Time Only} Red and Blue Rice Krispies Cereal, marshmallows, red, white and blue sprinkles and red gel. Easy, Peasy, Nice and Breezy!


This next recipe is one of our all-time favorites, Red White and Blue Broken Glass Jello This recipe not only looks “patriotic,” it tastes all-american too. Red White and Blue Broken Glass Jello is the oldest recipe in our line-up today, coming in at 4 years old!


Our third recipe is an adult version of that childhood favorite, kool-aid. When my kids were young and I was a single, working mom on a very tight budget, I always had a pitcher of kool-aid in my refrigerator. We never had pop or juice, just kool-aid. I even made kool-aid “popsicles” which were a huge hit with all the neighborhood kids. This version is for “Adults” only. Kool-aid never tasted so good! Tipsy Kool-aid Slushy


This next recipe is so good! It’s a cross between a kuchen and a coffee cake which basically is what a kuchen is. The German term is Kaffeekuchen or Coffee Cake. Whether you want to call Cherry Pie Bars a bar, a cake, a kuchen or coffeecake, it doesn’t really matter because you will definitely be calling it one thing for certain, you’ll be calling Cherry Pie Bars delicious.


This next recipe my grandson and I came up with when we were watching the summer Olympics a few years ago. It was warm outside and we wanted something light for our lunch. We went into the kitchen and came up with this salad. My grandson thought it was so cool to be eating a salad that was red, white and blue hence the reason we called this salad Olympics Red, White and Blueberry Salad


Red, White and Blue Cupcakes is a recipe that I’ve made a zillion times. Just by changing the colors of food coloring used, you can make these fun cupcakes for any holiday, special occasion or party. Put some fun into your party and serve these fun, festive Red White and Blue Cupcakes


Last and certainly not lest, is this recipe for Red White and Blue Parfaits. This recipe is fast and easy, perfect to serve on a warm afternoon.

blue parfaits

This concludes our Eight Incredible Independence Day Recipes. We hope that you have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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