How To Get Started Smoking Food

How to Get Started With Smoking Food

Now that summer is on the way and the weather is getting warmer, many people are taking this opportunity to get their grills cleaned up and ready to light. Grilled food is a staple of summer cooking, but you can take it even further by getting involved with smoking food. Smoking is a cooking method that can revolutionize your culinary experience, you just need to try and see for yourself.


how to get started

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  1. Find a Great Smoker

The thing that gives smoked food its unique and delicious taste is, simply put, the smoke. The cooking process is low and slow, exposing the food to as much smoke as possible to impart its flavors. 

Depending on your budget and your smoking needs, you may want to pick from different types of smokers. These include:

  • Charcoal smokers use charcoal for heat and wood chips or chunks to produce smoke. They can also be used as grills and are a less expensive option, although it can be tricky to control the temperature.
  • Gas smokers are large and have consistent temperatures. The gas produces the heat and the wood chips produce the smoke. However, they are more expensive and need to be supplied with gas.
  • Electric smokers, like gas smokers, are a great option for beginners because you can control the temperature easily. You can often just leave them to smoke. They often use wood pellets to produce clean smoke. However, they are expensive and require an electrical connection. They also aren’t very portable.

Depending on your needs and preferences, different smokers might be right for you. Charcoal smokers are most traditional and have few moving parts, but they do require constant checking to make sure that the temperature is steady and the wood is burning.

  1. Pick Your Favorite Recipe

Once you have the equipment, you can start smoking your favorite food. You can smoke meats, vegetables, cheese, nuts, and other things as you wish. With this in mind, meat tends to be the favorite home-smoking option, because a smoked pulled pork slider is truly something to behold.

There are so many recipes to choose from this summer. Pulled pork is a great choice because it’s easy and delicious. However, you can also go for brisket for more of a challenge or even some quick and amazing smoked chicken.

One fun option is to use your smoker to dry food, like beef jerky. What is beef jerky, you ask? Well, beef jerky is a dried meat product that can give you a huge protein boost on the go. Traditionally, beef jerky was always made by smoking the beef until it dried, and you can still do this today. 

  1. Experiment

Once you’ve got the hang of smoking and you’ve found some recipes that you like, it’s time to start experimenting. Play with cures and marinades to develop different flavors, and research smoking methods to achieve different results with your meat. In time, you can become a true smoking master and your barbecues may become the stuff of legend.


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