Halloween Fruity Pebbles Krispie Treats {Video}

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Turnips 2 Tangerines and another YouTube video. Today’s video is all about a “treat”we’ve all made and love. Marshmallow Krispie treats have come a long way since the first treats were invented in 1939. Now marshmallow treats are made with any flavor or type of cereal and just about any flavor of marshmallows. I did not include the recipe below because if you’re like me, the recipe for marshmallow treats is permanently stamped on my brain:)

Halloween Fruity Pebbles Krispie Treats


Marshmallow Treats Recipes


Halloween and Marshmallow Treats

In my opinion, marshmallow treats and Halloween simply go together. When my kids were young, many moons ago, I’d have a Halloween party. We’d go trick or treating in the neighborhood and then come back to my house for chili and marshmallow treats. Back then they didn’t have the Halloween colored cereal that they have now nor flavored marshmallows. When I saw the box of Halloween colored fruity pebbles, purple and orange which are grape and orange flavored, I knew I was going to make marshmallow treats…for old times sake:)

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However, there are a few pointers that I have followed over the years. By doing so, Ive had the pleasure of been given the title of: The Queen of Marshmallow Treats. I’m sure that many of you also proudly carry this title along with me but if memory serves me right, (which at my age is “ify”) I’ve held this title for over 45 years. (Giver take a year or two)

  • Always use “REAL” butter, ALWAYS
  • Use a GLASS 2-quart baking dish, NO METAL
  • Lightly BUTTER the baking dish
  • Use LARGE marshmallows, NO MINI OR FLUFF
  • TURN heat off, add cereal and stir until combined. DO NOT REMOVE FROM HEAT.
  • Spoon into prepared dish. Using BUTTERED fingers, press mixture into dish.

There you have it, my secrets to successful marshmallow treats, every single time!
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