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41+ Top Food Bloggers Share Their Easy Christmas Dinner Ideas
Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the yearly dilemma of what to cook for dinner.

We asked 41+ INSPIRED and top cooks the same question: “If you wanna surprise your family with an easy (and non-traditional) Christmas dinner idea, what will it be?

The recipes we received were absolutely AWESOME. We’ve listed them here:

21- Pappardelle Saffron Pasta:

Therese Elgquist from Plant Based By 

Pappardelle Saffron Pasta

I’m a big fan of simple seasonal food

Simple cooking, few ingredients, amazing flavors. I’d treat them to a Pappardelle saffron pasta with kale, crispy chickpeas and some cheese!

A non-traditional dish at a Swedish Christmas table – yet flavors that will most definitely remind you of winter and Christmas time.

It’s a dish that will be like a warming hug to your soul.

22 – Salmon w/ Chipotle Aoli:

Melissa Eboli from Via’s Kitchen

I would surprise my family with an easy, but tasty meal.

Some dishes I would include entail salmon w/ chipotle aoli, vanilla infused mashed purple potatoes, lemon paprika asparagus and a mixed berry and apple cobbler served with vanilla ice cream.

This meal from start to finish would take about 2 hours to prepare all in.

23 – Dijon Rosemary Encrusted Pork Loin:

Carrie Palladino Farias from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

Dijon Rosemary Encrusted Pork Loin

If I were to surprise my family with an easy recipe this Christmas, it would be this Dijon Rosemary Encrusted Pork Loin.

The mild flavor of Dijon mustard combined with the woodsy flavor of fresh rosemary, make this the perfect meal for holidays

24 – Roast Beef Tenderloin with a Thai Gravy:

Pailin from Hot Thai Kitchen

Roast Beef Tenderloin & Thai Gravy

For me it would be this roast beef tenderloin with a Thai gravy, which is a good balance of traditional and unconventional.

The roast beef is the traditional part, but the gravy packs a tart and spicy punch that Thai people love to eat with meats and it works incredibly well, even with traditional side dishes.

I think most people still want some sense of familiarity when it comes to Christmas dinner, and this is a good approach.

25 – Mexican Buffet:

Dr. Dan from 101 Cooking for Two

Mexican-themed Dinner

I have generally been a traditionalist with a whole beef tenderloin for Christmas but I my wife family, an uncle would create a Mexican buffet that is relatively easy to pull off and now accepted on that side of the family.

26 – Chicken Pesto Pasta:

Barbara from Pressure Cooking Today

Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

With its fun red and green colors, our Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta would be a great, quick, easy, non-traditional Christmas dinner.

It has everything you want in a hearty pasta dinner: a creamy sauce, melty cheese, tender chicken, red tomatoes, and green pesto.

This loaded chicken pasta always disappears fast at our house!

27 – Mini Lasagna Cups Bolognese:

Lisa Grant from Jersey Girl Cooks

Mini Lasagna Cups Bolognese

We celebrate with the family on Christmas eve, so on Christmas Day my family likes to stay in our pajamas and then I make a bunch of appetizers and a big salad for a casual dinner.

The apps include these Mini Lasagna Bolognese Cups and Old Bay Shrimp. Both can me made ahead of time so I can have a nice relaxing day with the family!

28 – Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie:

Colleen Milne from The Food Blog

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

I think one of my favorites for a non traditional Christmas dinner would be my Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie.

It’s made with ground turkey and vegetables in gravy, and topped with sweet potato, so it has the elements of a Christmas dinner.

It’s delicious and much easier than a traditional feast. Serve a Brussels Sprouts Salad alongside and the meal is complete.

29 – Brie and Chive Fondue:

Anne-Marie Nichols from This Mama Cooks

Brie & Chive Fondue Recipe

How about cheese fondue?

My family adores it! They love dipping fruit slices, bread, tail-on shrimp, and veggies in melted cheese—so much fun around the holiday table.

Need a fondue pot?

I bet your mom or grandmother has a set. Or find one at the local thrift or antique store. (Yes, your home goods store should have an inexpensive set, too).

We love Brie and Chive Fondue, which is simple to put together. (Brie is usually on sale this time of year, too.)

It uses pink grapefruit juice instead of wine and can be made gluten-free.

No time?

Pick up a packet of Swiss fondue mix at the grocery store.

If you’re serving it as a meal instead of an appetizer, pick up two packages and lots of dipping ingredients.

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