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Old Fashioned Sticky Caramel Corn

Old Fashioned Sticky Caramel Corn

Old Fashioned Sticky Caramel Corn If you love caramel corn, you will love caramel corn made the “Old Dutch” way. Old Fashioned Sticky Caramel Corn is made with Old Dutch Puffcorn. It’s been a family favorite for a long time. We always use the recipe that’s on the back of 

Double Chocolates Grandma’s Recipe

Double Chocolates Grandma’s Recipe Here in Wisconsin we are known for: Beer, Brats, Cheese and Our Love of  Sports. But what people might not know is that here in Wisconsin we have a Sweet Tooth. We love our Chocolate. Good, Quality Chocolate. Ambrosia Chocolate. Double Chocolates Grandma’s Recipe is the same recipe 

Savory Cheese and Leek Scones

Savory Cheese and Leek Scones

Savory Cheese and Leek Scones

I love scones. The minute I saw this recipe, I knew this recipe was for me. This recipe has everything that is good in a scone. Heavy cream, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, and lots of pepper. But the star of the show and one of our favorite products; Knorr®. I have made Knorr® Spinach Dip more times than I can count. It’s truly a classic. No party is the same without it.

savory cheese

Knorr Cream of Leek Soup

Savory cheese and leek scones are made with cream of leek soup by Knorr. I have used Knorr products in everything from dips to meatloaf to vegetables but never scones. Boy, have I been missing out! This recipe is wonderful! The scones turned out  delicious. Perfect with a bowl soup, stew, chili or anything else your little heart desires. This recipe makes two dozen delectable scones. They freeze well also so you might want to make an extra batch.

History of Knorr

High quality is the Knorr food philosophy, one that’s been years in the making. Knorr’s story starts back in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory in Heilbronn Germany, supply chicory to the coffee industry. Carl began to experiment with drying vegetables and seasonings to preserve nutrition and flavor. In 1873, the first Knorr® dried soups were launched in Continental Europe. In 1908, Knorr® European sauce mixes were introduced.

Bouillon Cubes

In 1912, the first Knorr® bouillon cube was introduced. Families could enjoy delicious dishes at home without the need to make stock from scratch. Knorr® is available around the world and in every country. In 1957, flagship Knorr® brands like bouillon and soup were sold in 8 countries. By 2000, Knorr® products were sold in nearly 90 countries around the globe. For more delicious recipes made with Knorr® go here: RECIPES.
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