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Provencal Salmon Fillets in Air Fryer

Provencal Salmon Fillets in Air Fryer

Provencal Salmon Fillets in Air Fryer A few weeks ago my hubby came home with a Power Air Fryer XL. My first thought was, “Where in God’s name am I going to put that? I don’t have much cupboard space to begin with.” The power 

Boursin Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bites

Boursin Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bites

Boursin Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bites If you need a quick and easy appetizer for the game this weekend, this recipe is the one for you. Not only is it fast, easy and delicious, it’s easy on the waist-line too. When I was younger, I looked at things 

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms

Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re heading out Sunday to watch the Super Bowl or if you’re just going to stay home and watch the game, why not make something easy! Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms are not only easy to make and super delicious, everyone loves them. Between my hubby and I, we can wipe out two dozen easily. Another advantage when making this recipe, you can make as many as you want too! Double the Recipe, and Double the Fun!


Boursin Cheese

Created In 1957 by Frenchman Frank Boursin, this triple-cream cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk. Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs has a smooth, creamy texture and a base flavor that is mild and delicate. There are several styles to choose from; garlic and herbs, black pepper, shallots and chives, and one with figs, raisins and nuts. In a nutshell, Boursin Cheese is simply delicious! Smooth, creamy and far superior to cream cheese.

smoked salmon stuffed


For this recipe you can use either white button mushrooms or cremini mushrooms, which are really just baby portobello mushrooms. Before use, mushrooms should be wiped with a damp cloth or damp paper towel. Mushrooms should never be soaked in water or any liquid. They act like little sponges and absorb water. A lot of water! Therefore, this will cause the mushrooms to become extremely mushy. Nobody likes mushy, now do we.

smoked salmon stuffed

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon is salmon that has undergone a smoking process, usually by by one of two methods. Hot-smoking or Cold-smoking. (sounds like something we did in the 70’s.) Hot-smoking is a process by which the fish is smoked from 6 to 12 hours at temperatures ranging from 120 to 150 degrees. The time and temperature depends on the size of the fish, how close it is to the source of smoke and the degree of flavor desired.


In cold-smoking, a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees is maintained and the fish might remain in the smokehouse anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Probably the best known cold-smoked salmon is the European kippered salmon. It’s a whole salmon that has been split, brined and cold-smoked. Another name for this type of brine-cured, cold-smoked salmon is Lox. Nova Scotia and Danish salmon are also cold-smoked.

Ritz Crackers

Ritz crackers are great, aren’t they! I mean I love them. They’re super with cheese spread, sliced cheese, and summer sausage. The holidays wouldn’t be same without some kind of buttery crackers. Ritz crackers are great in all kinds of recipes too. Meatballs, meatloaf, dipped in chocolate… and my favorite way to use Ritz crackers, as a topping. Nothing compares to crushed Ritz crackers sprinkled on top of  vegetables, doted with butter and then baked. Super yummy!

Fresh Dill

Fresh dill adds just the right amount of freshness to these super tasty stuffed mushrooms. Thankfully fresh herbs are now available year’ round in the produce section of most grocery stores. It’s so nice to add that little extra spark of freshness to a recipe, especially when you live in cold state like Wisconsin.  In the month of January, a little bit of fresh dill goes a long way. A good source for fresh herbs is Herbs From the Heartland


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