Bologna and Potato Chip Sandwich

Today we are going to share a “fun” post. Our favorite way to eat a bologna sandwich. Easy, Simple and No Recipe Required. This recipe comes to you from my mom Aggie. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you are well aware who Aggie is and the fact she was a horrible cook. This is one thing Aggie made that I can genuinely say I loved. To this day, I can’t eat a bologna sandwich without potato chips on it. I can’t eat a bologna sandwich if the bread is toasted either, it has to be on bread and preferably white bread too. Also it has to have a certain amount of miracle whip.


After reading the above paragraph, I guess a bologna and potato chip sandwich needs a recipe, sort of….so here goes. Place two slices of white bread on a plate, smear the bread with miracle whip salad dressing, place one slice of beef bologna on one slice of bread, cover the slice of bologna with Lay’s potato chips, place second slice of bread on top of potato chips, mayo side down. Lightly press down to crunch some of the potato chips. Enjoy your bologna and potato chip sandwich.

 In Hindsight

I always like to give credit where credit is due. Aggie has been putting potato chips on sandwiches since I was a little girl. If she only knew that 40+ years later her invention would be such a craze. That putting potato chips on a sandwich would be so cool. Maybe she was a good cook after all, I mean who knows, maybe I should rethink this whole thing after all. Maybe she was a pioneer in cooking and I didn’t even know it! Another ‘recipe’ that my mom made us for lunch many times and a favorite of mine to this day. Aggie would cut one slice of bologna into four triangles. She would then spread eight saltine crackers with miracle whip, place on a bologna triangle and make little sandwiches.

More Than One Way

There is more than one way to eat potato chips. Cover your sandwiches, with onion soup chip dip, or top a casserole. Another thing I love to eat with potato chips, besides French onion dip is Favorite Sloppy Joe’s Hey, don’t laugh! Try it, you’ll love it:) Even though Ruffles hold up better when dipping into warm Spanish hamburger, I like to use good ol’ Lays potato chips.

For This Recipe

For this recipe we used Kraft Miracle WhipOscar Mayer Bologna and Frito Lay Potato Chips. Premium Saltine Crackers This recipe tip comes to you via my grandma. If you like vanilla ice cream but want to jazz it up a little, crush some saltine crackers over you ice cream. I love eating vanilla ice cream this way. You can even drizzle chocolate syrup over all too. Delicious:)