Barn Quilts of Wisconsin

What is a Barn Quilt?

A Barn Quilt is a large piece of wood that is painted to look like a single quilt block. The quilt blocks or squares are painted on large wooden squares and then mounted on a barn. The size of the squares vary, but usually measure 8 ft. The painted squares are hung on the exterior of a barn. Barn Quilts of Wisconsin is a great way to learn about these fabulous quilts scattered throughout Wisconsin’s countryside.

barn quilts of wisconsin
Put on Display 2011


barn quilts of wisconsinPut on Display 2012

Unique History

Just as fabric quilts have their own unique history, so do barn quilts. The earliest version of barn quilts have been around since barns have been around really. Way back when, barns weren’t always painted but were usually decorated in some from of folk art. This included quilt blocks.

The Pattern

The pattern for a particular barn quilt may be chosen for various reasons. Often the barn quilt is a replica of a quilt that resides on the property, a family heirloom, or honors a loved one, a grand-parent or deceased loved one.

A pattern may be selected because of the name of the farm or for what is grown or raised on the farm.
Such as: corn, beans, apples, chickens, eggs, milk, Christmas trees and so on. Sometimes the barn quilt is simply a pattern that is appealing to the owner.
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barn quilts of wisconsin Put on display in 2012

In Early 2000

In early 2000, barn quilts started to reappear.
These are the Barn Quilts of today. This is also when the first Barn Quilt Trail began. It originally started in Ohio and has since grown to include almost every State. A Barn Quilt trail consists of many barn quilts mapped together and visited. The map is marked where all the Barn Quilts are located and you can drive through the countryside to see a piece of Rural Americana. To view a Map of where some of the Shawano Area Barn Quilts are located, Go to: Barn Quilts

Barns Quilts in Shawano County

Everywhere you travel, you will see a colorful barn quilt in Shawano County. 250 brightly colored barn quilts are “blanketing” over barns located throughout Shawano County. As of Feb.7, 2014 Shawano County Barn Quilt Project Reached a Milestone. Shawano County’s record-breaking barn quilt project had achieved a milestone with its 250th barn quilt put on display. The 250th Quilt is called “County Fair.” This colorful quilt is on display on the Coliseum building at the Shawano County Fair Grounds.

Shawano County Fair

This year the Shawano County Fair will be in it’s 133rd year. It will be held over Labor Day Weekend, from August 27-Sept. 1. The Shawano County Fair has: midway thrills, a tractor pull, demolition derby, free grandstand entertainment, polka bands, great food, craft exhibits, stock car races and 4-H exhibits. For more information on the Shawano Country Fair go to: Shawano County Fair.

A Wisconsin Tradition and Served at all County Fairs throughout Wisconsin. Deep Fried Battered Cheese Curds. Served with Ketchup.

To Learn More

To learn more about Barn Quilts in the Shawano Area, Check out Shawano Country. While you’re there, make sure to tap on, “click here for more information on this quilt” It’s very interesting to read about the history, families and stories behind each barn quilt. There are truly many fascinating, hard-working and dedicated people living on Wisconsin farms.

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