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How to Clean Fresh MushroomsCrouton Coated Mushrooms and Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Shrimp

For this recipe we used Stella Artois


  1. Susan Goforth says

    I also suffer from panic attacks and I have to say how much I appreciate that you would share that with us. So many people feel alone, but millions suffer from this.
    I’m making these mushrooms tonight, and can’t wait to try them!
    Take care <3

    • Lynn says

      Hello Susan, Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 Panic attacks are very scary and frightening. You are so right…millions suffer, often alone, too afraid to say anything. I hope you enjoy the mushrooms. Lynn

  2. Joe says

    My wife and me thought we would try out your deep fried mushroom recipe and we liked it! We used a little beef tallow in the oil, seemed like a good idea not sure if it made a difference but we tried it anyway. Also liked your story about anxiety and panic attacks,They have consumed me for many years. Before I had my first panic attack I never heard of them.lots of things led up to them in my life! doctors were worthless for me and I seen many! anyway far more good study is needed. Thanks for your recipes and I hope the best for you

    • Lynn says

      Hey Joe,
      Thank you so much reaching out…anxiety and panic attacks are no fun, they definitely not something to take lightly. Many things led up to mine also, I’ve heard that from many people too. Alcohol and drug abuse go hand in hand for many, me included, my way of trying to stay in ‘control’ when in fact it made it worse. More research is needed. I’m glad you liked the deep fried mushrooms, a family favorite. I never thought to use beef tallow in the oil, that has me thinking Best to you also and Happy New Year to you and your wife. Lynn

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