Plum Jam


    • Lynn says

      Hi Billy,
      I usually buy my mustard also with all of the fantastic kinds out in the store but I had to give it a go:)
      It’s easier than I thought too.
      I always stock up when I go to the National Mustard Museum, that’s located in Middleton WI. Check it out:

    • LNLVNDR says

      Hi Debbi~ I have at least that many too:) Thanks for stopping and I'm glad you liked the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup~ It's one of my favorites~ Lynn

  1. Debra Eliotseats says

    Glad a mustard lover like yourself got this recipe, We love it here, too. In fact, we just had some whole grain mustard at a restaurant that had some horseradish in it as well. That's my next quest.

    • LNLVNDR says

      Hi Debra~ This recipe got me thinking….making different mustard will be a great way for me to pass the winters months ahead. I always like to try making different things, condiments usually, and mustard will be next! I love horseradish as well! Thanks again for a great recipe~ Lynn

  2. Chris says

    Whole Grain mustard is a staple in my kitchen. I have never made before – I do think y'all are onto something here…:) Great pick!

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