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  1. Wonderful concoction! One of my stepsons used to drink eggnog by the gallon, then he went from teenager to adult and the waistline started to bother him… he won't get near it anymore…. 😉

    I bet he would make an exception for this oatmeal, though…

    Happy Thanksgiving, hope you will have a wonderful celebration!

    • Thanks~ This is the second time I made oatmeal in the slow cooker and I am always happy with the results. This is the first time I used steel cut oats, which are now my new favorite:)

  2. THIS. LOOKS. GREAT. Eggnog + Oatmeal would be wonderful. I have some Almond milk eggnog in my fridge that I'm eye-ing as I type this. Do you think it would work with a rice cooker instead of a slow cooker? Us apartment dwellers have to choose between our appliances…

    • Hi~ I have never used a rice cooker before so I'm not sure if this recipe would work or not:) I'm sure you could even make it in your microwave, just like any oatmeal recipe, only substituting the water called for in the recipe with eggnog. Lynn

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