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  1. Anonymous says

    I'm sorry but as pretty as your photos look, this recipe was awful. You clearly failed to list what the letter "t" stood for, teaspoon or tablespoon. Making it very confusing for your readers to interpret.

    • LNLVNDR says

      I'm sorry to hear that Anonymous~ Everyone that I have ever made these cookies for, have thoroughly enjoyed them. I didn't list teaspoon or tablespoon, Anonymous, because the standard and common symbol in cooking for the small "t" is teaspoon and for the capitol "T" is tablespoon. Most if not all cookbooks have a list of common abbreviations used for cooking terms and symbols. You can also find these in any dictionary. Thanks so much for stopping by Anonymous, and next time, please use your real name when leaving a comment. Lynn~

  2. LNLVNDR says

    Hi! I have never made chocolate meringues….sounds yummy~ Meringues are easy to make and I always have the few ingredients needed to make them on hand! They are really versatile too. Thanks for stopping~ Lynn

  3. Cocalores says

    Meringues are so easy to make, and they look so pretty! Often I think meringues are too sweet, but with moderation and combined with something fruity and fresh, they taste great. My last ones were chocolate meringues, and they were fantastic, too.

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