August 26, 2016

Food Find: Sweet Kale Salad Kit

On the Menu Today~
Food Find:
Sweet Kale Salad Kit

Here at Turnips 2 Tangerines,
we like to pass on to our readers Food Finds.
A "food find" is any product that we "find"
that we are selves would use, have used and
we like it so much, we pass it along to our readers, you.

Bonus Article: The health benefits from Kale~

We haven't shared a Food Find in awhile,
so when we came across this delicious salad kit from Aldi,
we knew it would be our featured Food Find...
Sweet Kale Salad Kit has everything you need,
to make a great tasting salad.

Sweet Kale Salad Kit includes:
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds,
Poppy Seed Dressing and
Sweetened Dried Cranberries.

Sweet Kale Salad Kit is delicious!

Kale is not only delicious,
it's good for you too...

I would like to pass along to you,
this fantastic article written by Helen Nichols,
 editor in chief at Well Being Secrets.
The article is about the wonderful

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