August 13, 2016

Bologna & Potato Chip Sandwich

On the Menu Today~
Bologna & Potato Chip Sandwich

Today we are going to share a "fun" post..
Our favorite way to eat a bologna sandwich. 

Easy, Simple, Fun...
No recipe required~


  1. I ate these all the time growing up except we would make fried bologna with a slice of cheese, miracle whip then some Lays potato chips! Yumminess! I love this post! Easy and delicious! I was telling my daughter today that Doritos and salsa are yummy too and Doritos on a sandwich is great as well!

    1. Hi~
      My husband ate fried bologna and cheese sandwiches when he was growing up...
      I never heard of fried bologna until I met him...many years ago:) He had never heard of chips on a sandwich either!! I agree with you, you have to use Lays potato chips...I will have to try Doritos on a sandwich....just think of all the recipes you can make up using chips...Sometimes the easy recipes are the best!!
      Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. About a hundred years ago :-) I babysat for some kids who liked BBQ potato chips with mustard and bologna sandwiches. I loved them. My mother would not allow me to make them at home. I loved to babysit for them! I would have done it for a sandwich!

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  3. Hi Linda~
    I never thought to put BBQ chips on a sandwich....
    with mustard...I am definitely going to try that for lunch tomorrow!
    Sometimes the simplest "recipes" bring back the best memories:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by~


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