November 8, 2015


Limoncello is one of Southern Italy's best know drinks
It's served as an aperitif and
as an after-dinner drink.
Limoncello is best stored
in your freezer.

Limoncello is perfect for Summer.
A Lemony Refreshing, Cold Drink

Homemade Limoncello or Lemon Liqueur~

Homemade Limoncello or Lemon Liqueur

  • 1 bottle 100 proof, mid-grade vodka or
  • 1 bottle Everclear 151 grain alcohol
  • 3 to 4 organic lemons, peels only
  • 5 cups bottled water
  • 3 1/2 cups white sugar
Cooking Directions
  1. Save vodka bottle or everclear grain alcohol bottle to reuse when Limoncello is finished.
  2. Step one:
  3. Select organic, smooth skinned lemons.
  4. Step two:
  5. Wash lemons in warm water. Scrub lemons with a vegetable brush to remove all stickers, stamps and wax. Dry lemons with paper towels.
  6. Step three:
  7. Zest lemons using a microplane zester. Use the zester to remove a thin layer of zest from the whole lemons. The white pith just below the zest will make the Limoncello bitter.
  8. Step four:
  9. Strain Everclear 151 Grain Alcohol or 100 mid-grade Vodka four times. Filter 4 times using a Brita used for this purpose only or filter through cheesecloth and a disposable coffee filter.
  10. Step five:
  11. Combine the zest and filtered liquor into a very clean one gallon glass jar, with a tight fitting lid. Screw the lid on tight.
  12. Step six:
  13. Wait for 10 days, shake the jar 4 times during this 10 day period. Then store the glass jar in a cool, dark place for 45 days.
  14. Step seven:
  15. Filter the infusion. First Filter: Use a flat bottom permanent coffee filter, (found at grocery stores) Put the filter in a funnel, put the funnel in a pitcher or whatever container you are using. Ladle the infusion out of the glass storage jar and through the filter lined funnel. Second and Third Filter: Put a flat bottom disposable coffee filter the kind with the fluted edges, inside the permanent filter. Filter the infusion, twice. Last Filter: Remove disposable filter, discard, filter infusion through permanent filter only. Discard permanent filter. Infusion should now be back in the large glass jar with screw lid.
  16. Step eight:
  17. Make simple syrup: Bring 5 cups filtered bottled water just to a boil, remove from heat, stir in 3-1/2 cups of white sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Let come to room temperature. Once the simple syrup has come to room temperature, add to the lemon/liquor infusion, screw the top back on and shake the jar. Make a label and date that you mixed the lemon/infusion with the simple syrup.
  18. Step nine: Wait...Store jar in a cool, dark place for 45 days or longer.
  19. Step ten: Bottle Limoncello.
  20. Pour boiling water in bottle the grain alcohol or vodka came in. Let water come to room temperature. Dump water out. With a funnel, fill bottle with final product.

Store Limoncello in the Refrigerator or
Freezer.....the colder the better:)
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