May 14, 2015

Wine of the Month

Wine of the Month~
Door Peninsula Winery~
Sweet Cherry Wine~

Hand Crafted Fun~
Door Peninsula Winery
Door Peninsula Winery Produces some
of our favorite Fruit Wine.
Each bottle has a fresh, fruity flavor~

Door Peninsula Winery has been a mainstay of the Door County economy for over 40 years.
Producing the finest and largest selections of wines in Wisconsin.
The winery was founded in 1974 by Mark Fehls and Tom Alberst,
in a former two-room schoolhouse, built in 1868,
Door Peninsula Winery was born.

Door County's climate was to cold to grow conventional grapes.
The winery turned to locally grown fruit to produce its wine.
Door County has been famous for its cherries since the 1900's,
Making cherries the logical choice....Cherry Wine was born...
Apple, Strawberry and
Plum wine was soon to follow.

In 1986,
The winery was purchased by Bob and Noreen Pollman
They began expanding the range of wines made
to include fruits such as: Mango, Blackberry, Pears and Grapes.
They also helped pioneer the creation of fruit/grape blend wines.
In the past decade,
the winery has established a vineyard and
has begun to use Wisconsin-grown grapes.
Grapes developed specifically for northern climates.
Door Peninsula Winery is located on
Hwy 42 in Carlsville, WI. and is
Open daily from 9-6 pm.
Door Peninsula produces over 40 different wines.
It's distillery produces:
Vodka, Cherry Vodka, Brandy,
Apple Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Cherry Moonshine,
Cherry Bluff Infusion, Gin, and Single Malt Whiskey.

Sweet Cherry Wine~
Award-winning classic sweet cherry wine is made with Door Peninsula's finest tart cherries.
Sweet Cherry Wine is bursting with fresh cherry tones and
vibrant cherry flavor.
A True Door County Favorite~

*The views stated here are those of Turnips 2 Tangerines.
*Turnips 2 Tangerines has not been compensated.

Until Next Time~ 
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