March 21, 2015

Food Finds: March 2015

Food Finds: March 2015
Here is a  list of a few of our 
Favorite Food Finds~

Navarino Valley Elk and Buffalo
Delicious and Good For You~


S. Rosen's Hot Dog Buns
The One and Only Chicago
Hot Dog Stand Hot Dog Bun!

You can always find Hippie Wayne at
Farmers Markets in WI
Great Stuff~

End of the Trail Candy Shoppe
A wonderful candy shoppe located
in the Waupun Area in WI.

Mc Cafe Coffee
Tastes exactly like the 
Coffee served at Mc Donalds.

 Authentic Italian Taste~
Sold at Costco

Valley Popcorn
A Favorite in the
Fox Valley Area and

Chia Seeds
Sold at Aldi for

True Products
Inexpensive and "Truly"

Stop back in a few months
for more "new" Food Finds~

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