February 16, 2015

Wine of the Month

Featured Wine of the Month~
Wicked Apple~
Forgotten Fire Winery~
Peshtigo WI~

Forgotten Fire Winery is named in honor of the Peshtigo Fire of 1871.
In 1871, America's Forgotten Fire raged through Peshtigo
and the surrounding areas.

You may not remember the Fire.......
but you will remember the Wine~

The Peshtigo fire was a forest fire that took place on October 8th, 1871
in and around the area of Peshtigo WI.
Considered a "firestorm" and occurring
on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire,
The Peshtigo Fire has been largely "Forgotten"
The Peshtigo Fire caused the most deaths by fire in United States history
with an estimated deaths around 1,500 and possibly as many as 2,500
The Great Chicago Fire took the lives of 300 people
destroyed roughly 3.3 square miles of Chicago and
left more than 100,000 people homeless.
Learn more about these two Historical Fires~
Chicago Fire and Peshtigo Fire.

Forgotten Fire Winery is owned and operated by Lindsey and Joe Callow
In 2011, Forgotten Fire opened and has been "growing" strong ever since.
In June of 2014,
Lindsey and Joe opened a sister winery, Falling Waters Winery~
Falling Waters Winery will be featured in an upcoming post

Forgotten Fire Winery began with just 5 acres of land
4 white wines, 3 red wines and
the dreams of one headstrong couple.
In 2012,
14 adjacent acres were purchased and
In 2013,
the Winery expanded to around 9000 square feet of space.

Forgotten Winery currently offers over 20 different wines

Wicked Apple~
My hubby and I loved it
It has a crisp, clean, spicy apple taste.
With a nice mulled spice after taste
Made from Door County's own
Seaquist Orchard Apples

White Wines~

Glowing Embers~
Spicy German-style White Wine
With a sweetness like honey and crisp citrus
With undertones of  peach and apple

Wildfire White~
Semi-sweet blend of Riesling,
Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer Grapes
Perfect served with hor d' oeuvres and fruits

Home for the Holidays~
Sweet white blend
Has aroma of citrus fruits and 
Flavors of crisp green apples

Late Harvest Riesling~
Sweet Riesling has a soft apricot flavor
With the aroma of honeysuckle

White Hot Mess~
Sweet White Wine with the
Flavors of fresh fruits

A crisp and delicious White Wine
Made from the Moscato Grape
A Summer favorite 
Serve with grilled fish or fresh fruit

Ice Wine~
Blend of Vidal Blanc grape
Best served "ice cold"
Very sweet wine
Makes a delicious dessert wine

Red Wines~

Cabernet Merlot
Great served with Steak

Phoenix Rising~
Dry, Pinot Noir Blend
Serve with Beef dishes

Marechal Foch~
Has a strong acidity with
Aromas of black fruits, vanilla bean and musk
Pairs well with venison, game meats and lamb

Wildfire Red~
Semi-sweet blend of Midwestern grapes
Pairs well with red sauces and barbecue

Hot Mess~
A sweet-blend of delicious Cherry Wine
Made from Door County Cherries
A little bit wild and a little bit mild

Blush Fire~
Sweet Blush Wine
Soft, fresh flavor
Pairs well with brunch or 
While relaxing on the dock

Peshtigo Harbor~
Peshtigo Harbor is a sweet
Port-style dessert wine
Aged in Bourbon Barrels and 
Fortified with Brandy
This is a great after dinner
Sipping Wine

Fruit Wine~

Summer Plummer~
Made from cold, hard American plums
Tart, yet sweet
Pairs well with spicy dishes

A Sinful Pear~
Made from fresh pears
Flavorful and spicy

Tastes just like fresh hand-picked raspberries
Sweet, fruity and full flavored

Has a rich , sweet blackberry flavor

Made with Wisconsin Cranberries
Sweet flavor
Goes well with vanilla ice cream~

Cherry Sangria~
Made with Seaquist Orchards Cherries
And blended with other fruits

Next time your around the
Peshtigo/Marinette WI area
Stop by the Forgotten Fire Winery
Pick up a Bottle or two and
Enjoy the delicious wine from
Forgotten Winery~

Wine Winery

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