December 5, 2014

Field Trip: Old World Christmas Market

I'm Looking Forward to the
Old World Christmas Market held in 
Elkhart Lake, WI at
The Beautiful Osthoff Resort~
This will be my second year attending the 
Festive Old World Christmas Market~
It will be an afternoon of  Fun, Food and 
Christmas Magic~
Christmas, Germany German

Old World Christmas Market at 
The Osthoff Resort in
Elkhart Lake WI
December 5-14, 2014

Reminiscent of the Centuries Old Christkindlesmarkt of Nüremberg Germany, 
The 17th Annual "Old World Christmas Market" 
Held at the beautiful AAA ♦♦♦♦ Diamond Osthoff Resort 
Offers the same warmth and merriment of this Old World Tradition. 

For ten consecutive days, amid the wonderful scent of roasted almonds and 
the sound of Nüremberg bratwurst sizzling, 
guests stroll the aisles of the large heated tent, 
decorated with boughs of fresh evergreens, 
as they look for unique and specialty gifts such as: 
Czech blown-glass ornaments, 
Russian nesting dolls, 
German hand-carved smokers and nutcrackers, 
Gingerbread houses, 
Fine apparel, 
Handmade amber and silver jewelry, 
Estonia woolens,
Fine chocolates, 
Plauen lace and 
Of course German Bier~

Come and Join Me Today on My Adventure~ 

....The Old World Lebensmittel Gericht offers shoppers a space to relax and 
enjoy delectable German fare, such as: 
Nüremberg bratwurst, 
Hot glühwein, 
Wiener schnitzel, 
Red cabbage, 
Potato pancakes, 
Pulled pork sandwiches served with Düsseldorf  mustard and...
We can't forget the Apple Strudel.

The Osthoff Resort also offers a variety of activities and 
events for children and families during the Christmas Market.
Recreate nostalgic moments that are cherished and 
celebrated traditions at The Osthoff Resort. 
Decked out with holiday finery, 
The AAA Four Diamond Resort is the perfect place to begin your own holiday traditions. 
The Osthoff Resort 

Admission to The Old World Christmas Market is $6.00 per adult, 
Children 14 and under are free with a paying adult.

The 2014 Old World Christmas Market 
Open daily from 10 am-5 pm 
December 5-14, 2014. 
For more information please call: (877) 517-4596 or go to: 
Christmas Market at the Osthoff

History of the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt~

Dating back to the mid-16th century, 
with the first documentation of the event taking place in 1628, 
the Nüremberg Christkindlesmarkt, 
meaning "Christ Child's Market" took place in the Main Market Square in the city and 
consisted of up to 140 craftsmen selling their goods and 
wares in wooden stalls. 

Towards the end of the 19th century the Market had lost some of its popularity and 
began to move to different venues throughout the city, 
until it's revitalization in the 1930's, 
when the pre-Christmas event moved back to its original location 
in the Main Market Square and became popular once again.

The Market ceased to exist during the years of World War II, but 
re-established itself in 1948 with a new opening ceremony. 
Ever since that time, 
the Market opens annually on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday. 
As the clock strikes 5:30 pm, 
trumpets blow, 
Christmas songs are sung and 
as the holiday lights are turned on, 
The Nüremberg Christmas Angel adorned in her white and gold dress, 
long blond curls and golden crown, 
stands on the gallery and 
recites the famous opening prologue to this most cherished event:

You men and womenfolk who once were children, too,
You little ones, who just begin the journey of your lives,
Each of you who rests today, and who will work again tomorrow:
All listen, hear what Christ child has to say!

In every year, four weeks before time.
When Christmas trees we decorate, and everyone awaits the feast,
Here on the square, just as of lore, this market does appear,
Which up and down the country they call Christmas Mart.
This little town is built from wood and canvas,
It's splendor short, will soon be gone,
But yet it is eternal. My Market is forever young,
As long as Nüremberg does exists, as long as you remember it.

For young and old the sight of this Old Town of Nüremberg,
Has many faces and their number can't be counted.
Look at this square. Today in its surroundings,
High buildings rise, and factories of modern times,
And many suburbs grow, yet it remains forever,
Ye men and womenfolk: the Nüremberg of its people.

The last month of the year has come thus the day,
When wishes are fulfilled and parents given,
The Market's light shine brightly,
With baubles, glitter and with Christmas promise.
But don't forget ye men and womenfolk one thing:
Those who have ev'rything don't need your presents.
It's children of this world and poorer folk,
Who'll tell you what it means to give a present.

Ye men and womenfolk who once were children, too
Be child again today and do rejoice,
When Christ child now invites you all to see this market.
Who ever comes to visit shall be welcome.

200 stallholders present their traditional wares: 
Nüremberg spicy gingerbread, 
Fruit loaves, 
Bakery goods and sweets
Christmas tree angels, cribs, ornaments, 
Candles, toys, arts and crafts,
Along with a large variety of refreshments. 
This most festive of events ends on Christmas Eve Day 
at which time more than two million visitors from around the world will have had their way to Nüremberg to sample this centuries-old event.

For more information go to: Germany Christmas Market
Information and photos from: Old World Christmas Market Osthoff Resort 
Information, you-tube video and photos from: Nüremberg Christmas Market
Note: The views and opinions expressed here are my own, 
I have not been compensated in any way from any company mentioned in this post. 
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