October 11, 2014

Kitchen Tip: How to Remove Stubborn Price Stickers

On the Menu Today~
How to Remove Stubborn Price Stickers

How in the heck do you remove those Stubborn,
Super Sticky, Price Stickers??
You know the ones.....
The ones you can't get off....
No matter what you do....

I have an easy and simple trick to remove those stubborn sticker/tags.
This same method works well on those stubborn labels too.
I have actually ruin things, trying to get those darn things off.

If your like me and like to go thrift shopping..
You know all to well what I'm talking about!
I always seem to buy that "gotta have it" find,
Which of course,
Has been sitting on the store window sill..in the sun....
For a few years...
That price sticker has literally baked on to that "gotta have it" find....
Making it almost impossible to remove...
Until now.....

A Kitchen Tip~

What you will need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Oil, such as: vegetable, canola or olive oil
  • A stubborn, sticky sticker, tag, or label

  • Step 1. Dip cotton ball into oil, saturating the cotton ball
  • Step 2. Dab or wipe the cotton ball on the sticker/tag/label
  • Step 3. Throw away cotton ball
  • Step 4. Place item on a towel and set aside for several hours or overnight
  • Step 5. After several hours or overnight, check to see if the sticker/tag/label has loosened up
  • Step 6. Using your finger or a clean dry cotton ball, wipe off excess oil and pieces of sticker
  • Step 7. Repeat Steps 1-6 until sticker/tag/label has been removed.

Note: This process can take several hours, depending on how stubborn the sticker/tag/label is.
I have used this method on metal, glass, china, wood, copper, brass, silver, enamel, and pottery.


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