July 18, 2014

Saying Good-bye

Due to the recent passing of a family member, Turnips 2 Tangerines will be on a short hiatus~

Linda was a very courageous and brave woman. She fought her Brain Cancer, the same way she led her life.. Always putting the needs and concerns of her family first, always taking care of everyone....up until the end. Linda was genuinely the kindest person I have ever met, always warm and inviting, always a smile on her face. She opened her arms and embraced my son, welcomed him and made him part of her family. I always wanted to thank her for that, but I never did....but knowing Linda, I think she knew. I will always remember Linda saying, "Come on in and sit down, Hun." or "How are you doing, Hun?" or "Do you want something to eat? to drink? Hun" Linda asked me these questions every time I saw her, even when she was sitting in her wheelchair, to weak to stand anymore...I always thought to myself, I should be asking you those questions Linda, and when I did, she would say, "Me? I'm doing fine Hun."

We will miss your kindness Linda, We will miss you~

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