July 5, 2014

Field Trip- Bay Beach Amusement Park

Field Trip~
Bay Beach Amusement Park,
Green Bay WI.

Bay Beach Amusement Park~ Since 1892,
Bay Beach Amusement Park has provided generations of families
With hours of enjoyment along the shores of Green Bay.
Bay Beach is the 9th oldest continuously operating amusement park in the US and
Tied for 21st oldest in the world.

Bay Beach History~
The park dates back to the 1890's,
When Mitchell Nejedio purchased the land.
Originally intended to be divided and sold for summer cottages,
he turned it into Bay View Beach.

Bay View Beach had a dance hall, bar and a bath-house.
Because the area was swampy and infested with mosquitoes, it didn't attract many visitors.
In 1908, Captain John Cusick bought the resort from Nejedio.
Cusick built an 8 ft. dock which extended 570 ft. into the bay.
When swimming became popular he rented swimsuits for 10¢.

In 1901, a roller coaster was built and
In 1908, Cusick built a ride called "Shoot the Chutes" a flat bottomed boat that held 12 people.
The boat was slid down a 50-ft ramp and onto the water.
In 1911, Bay View Beach was sold to Frank Murphy and Fred Rahe
In 1920 they donated 11 acres,
Along with all the buildings and attractions to the City of Green Bay.

From the 1930's to the early 1970's,
Bay Beach's Pavilion hosted concerts, political rallies, dances, Fourth of July fireworks and many other events.
In 1934,
President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Bay Beach in celebration of Green Bay's tercentennial.

In 2006,
46 acres of land was purchased to upgrade and expand the park.
In March 2010,
The Zippin Pippin was purchased from a company in Memphis Tennessee.
Renowned as Elvis Presley's favorite ride.
In 2013, the Sea Dragon ride arrived
In 2017 and 2018 two more rides are scheduled to arrive at the park.

Families have been taking their children to Bay Beach Amusement Park for Years~
For many families,
It's a Summertime Tradition.
In my family, summer would not be complete without an afternoon spent at Bay Beach.
I started taking my kids to Bay Beach when they were toddlers, and
I have spent many school field trips there.
Even after my kids graduated high-school and
even college, we spent time at Bay Beach.
A few years ago, before my daughter had kids of her own,
her and I spent the afternoon at Bay Beach and had a fantastic time going on the rides.
My son, my daughter-in-law recently spent time going on rides at bay beach...
I passed on the Zippin' Pippin' but went on the Sea Dragon!

Now it's time to take my grandchildren.
This will be the first summer that my daughter and her family will be here in WI.
They moved back here this past winter,
So we can plan a full day at Bay Beach.
It will so nice to spend a day at Bay Beach with my grandkids,
A place I took my own children...
So many years ago....the tradition continues.

There is something for Everyone at Bay Beach.
My personal favorites the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler.
There have been two recent additions to Bay Beach Amusement Park.
The Zippin Pippin, the 4th oldest wooden roller coaster in the world,
Said to be Elvis Presley's favorite roller coaster ride and
The Sea Dragon.
The Sea Dragon is a type of amusement ride fashioned after a pirate ship.
It consists of an open seated gondola, which swings back and forth.

All rides are only a quarter with the exception of the Zippin Pippin and
Sea Dragon which are a $1.00.
I think the most expensive rides are the Pony Rides and the Bumper Cars at $3.00.
I can tell you from experience, the rides last a long time!!
You definitely get your quarters worth!!
There is also a super slide and small a train~
There is a picnic area with pavilions, picnic tables and grills.
You can bring in coolers full of your favorite foods and beverages.
You can spend the day,
Having a great time with your family and friends for very little money~
Good Old Fashioned Fun at Good Old Fashioned Prices.
                                                     Ferris Wheel~

                                                        Lady Bug Ride~

                                                       Ride the Train~

                                                     Bumper Cars~


                                                    Zippin Pippin Rollercoaster~



                                                    Helicopter Ride~

                                                  Cool Drinks, Food and Bathrooms~
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