May 22, 2014

Jell-o Jigglers

On the Menu Today~
......There's Always Room For Jell-o......

Moms and Dads
Grandmas and Grandpas
have been making jell-o with their children and
grandchildren for generations.
I remember making jell-o with my grandma and my mom.
My favorite flavor was and still is Lime.
I made jell-o with my kids too and
now I'm making jell-o with my grandchildren.
Jell-o not only is delicious, easy to make and inexpensive,
there are many, many recipes using this all time classic~

Here are a few fascinating facts about Jell-o~

1. In 1845, the person to hold the patent for what would become Jell-o was Peter Cooperin. He sold it to Pearle B. Wait, a cough syrup manufacturer in 1877, Wait then sold it in 1899 to his neighbor, Frank Woodward, a high school drop out who bought it for $450.00. Three years later, Woodward became rich
2. There were four original flavors of jell-o, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, and Raspberry.

3. Jell-o began to take off in the early 1900's thanks to clever marketing and promotions. They would give out free Jell-o and molds to immigrants as they arrived at Ellis Island.

4. Jell-o commissioned art ads by several famous artists, including Rockwell and Maxfeild Parrish.

5. As Jell-o increased in popularity, so did the desire for gelatin salads. Jell-o began making savory versions, such as celery, seasoned tomato and mixed vegetable flavors
6. There are some pretty weird alternative uses for Jell-o: it can be sprinkled over cat litter, used as a hair or clothing dye, made into finger paint, used to remove soap scum in bathrooms and used for wrestling:)

7. In 1923, in the silent film, The Ten Commandments, Jell-o was used to aid in the parting of the sea effect.

8. In the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz, the colorful horses in the Emerald City got their hues from Jell-o.

9. Bill Cosby has been the spoke person for Jell-o since 1974.

10. Some discontinued flavors of both Jell-o classic and Jell-o Pudding are: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Coffee, Cola, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Maple Syrup, and Triple Chocolate

11. Flavors that are still in circulation: Candy Cane, Margarita, Butterscotch, Pumpkin Spice, Pina Colada, and Orange Ice Cream.

Jello Jigglers

  • 2 1/2 cups boiling water (do not add cold water)
  • 2 (8 oz) packages jello brand gelatin, any flavors
Cooking Directions
  1. In a large bowl, stir boiling water into dry gelatin. Stir at least 3 minutes and completely dissolved. Lightly spray with cooking spray, a 13 x 9 dish or jiggler molds. Ladle dissolved jell-o into 13 x 9 dish or jiggler molds.
  2. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until firm.
  3. For 13 x 9 dish, use cookie cutters to make shapes or using a knife, cut jell-o into squares or carefully remove jigglers from molds and Enjoy!


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