March 19, 2014

Field Trip: Bear Paw

On the Menu Today~
Maple Syrup
  It's Maple Syrup Time~

Join me!
It's all about Maple Syrup~

Wisconsin's "First Tap" is being held at the Bear Paw Scout Camp.
Saturday, March 15th, 2014
To kick off the 2014 Maple Syrup Season
For Bear Paw Sugar Bush and Sugar Bushes across Wisconsin.

This year Bear Paw Scout Camp had the honor of hosting Wisconsin's "First Tap."
Bear Paw Scout Camp is located in Mountain WI.
Some of activities will include:
Archery, Ice Skating, Dutch Oven Cooking,
Pudgy Pie Making, Sledding, Silent Auction, and Turkey Bowling.
There will also be Tours of the Camp, and Tours of the Sugar Shack.
There will be demonstrations on tapping trees,
collecting sap, evaporation and making Maple Syrup.

If you get a chance to visit the North Woods of Wisconsin,
Stop by Bear Paw Scout Camp and take a look around.
It's a great place for kids of all ages to learn about outdoor life, camping and
Of course, maple syrup.

Making Boy Scouting Sweeter,
One Bottle at a Time~
Bear Paw Scout Camp
14000 Bear Paw Camp Ln.
Mountain, WI 54149

Maple Syrup Days at Bear Paw Scout Camp~
Maple Syrup Days will continue over the next 3 week-ends,
So if your looking for something fun to do and
Something the whole family can do together,
Stop by Bear Paw Camp~
There is plenty of fun, food and lots to learn:)

Maple Syrup Days~
Saturday March 22
Saturday March 29
Saturday April 5

Stop Back Again Soon~
Maple Syrup
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