October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and Halloween Traditions


When my kids were small,
Halloween was a big deal at our house.
I would decorate the inside of the house with my Halloween village,
light candles and
play spooky music.
I would play scary movies all night long on TV.

Outside, I would decorate the yard with cobwebs,
fake headstones,
orange and black lights and
I would make a huge pot of Chili,
have hot chocolate and
bowls of roasted pumpkin seeds and popcorn.
My sisters would come over with their kids and
my brother with his daughter.
They would take the kids out for trick or treat and
I would stay home and
 hand out candy.

Every year I would dress up in a costume.
Back then,
I worked part time at a place called Balloony Tunes.
I delivered balloon bouquets,
while I was dressed up in a variety of costumes.
These costumes ranged from:
A Banana, Gorilla, California Raisin, Chicken, Pig and
my personal favorite,
an Elephant wearing a Pink Tutu.

Do you remember Sharon, Lois and Bram's Elephant Show?
Skinnamarink e dink e do??
Well, the costume I wore was similar to the Elephant costume on that show....

Yep, I was one of those Gorillas...
or other funny looking character..
that were very popular in the 90's...
who surprised and
embarrassed people at their place of employment or
while eating at a restaurant on their birthday or anniversary.
Gorilla-a-Gram anyone?

I tried to find some pictures of myself dressed in disguise but while I was looking,
I realized that I wouldn't have any pictures...
The person that was getting the embarrassing "Birthday Gram" would have the pictures...
Somewhere out there,
I'm in pictures either as a Gorilla, Chicken or an Elephant in a Pink Tutu..
standing next to someone who probably would like to push me down...
Happy Halloween!!


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