July 28, 2013

Food Find: Lemondrop Melon

On the Menu Today~
Food Find...Lemondrop Melon

Have you ever heard of a Lemondrop Melon?

I had never heard of a Lemondrop Melon before...
Until today...
The grocery store had them on sale,
so I thought,
"What the heck, I'll give it a try."

The label said;"Sweet Melon Flavor with a Lemon Twist"
The melon is a product of Arizona and
the company name is Kandy from Martori Farms

When I cut the melon open,
I had expected it to be yellow but it wasn't.
It was the color of a honeydew melon.
A light, pale green color.

This melon definitely has an unexpected zing to it...
It doesn't taste like any other melon I have ever tasted.
It has a nice light, lemony flavor and
it's very refreshing~
If you get a chance to try a Lemondrop Melon,
Give it a try...
You'll be pleasantly surprised.

*The opinions stated here are my own,
I haven't been compensated in anyway*
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