July 19, 2013

Kitchen Tip How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder

On the Menu Today~

I prefer to buy whole bean coffee instead of ground coffee.
I think whole bean coffee stays fresher longer and
when you grind your own coffee,
it makes for a better cup of coffee.

We like to try different brands and flavors of coffee.
We buy whole bean coffee when it's on sale and
store it in a cool dark place.
Once opened, we do store our coffee in the freezer.
There are many different views on this,
but simply, I just prefer too.

I have 2 coffee grinders,
one for coffee and one for whole spices.
The two aren't interchangeable!
With a black sharpie, write a small "c" on one grinder and
a small "s" on the other grinder....
This is strictly a reference for my hubby......
pepper flavored coffee does not taste good!!
Both grinders can be cleaned in the same way.
I clean my coffee grinder often, because I make alot of coffee.
My "spice" coffee grinder is cleaned before and after I use it.
I store it clean, so the spice flavors don't linger.

We like to buy most of  our coffee online.
You can find some really good deals on coffee.
Many seasonal coffee blends are on sale for half off the regular price when the season is over.
You can always find coffee online "on sale" and
coffee at "blow out" prices.
Many companies offer free shipping depending on how much you order.
Some of our favorite places to order coffee online are:
Door County Coffee
Paramount Coffee.

Joe Know's Coffee carries some of my favorite coffee.
I love the flavor combinations they offer and
the coffee has a smooth taste.

Joe Know's Coffee-
Paramount Coffee has some fun names for their delicious coffee~

1. Tall Dark and Handsome
2. Fall in Love Pumpkin Spice
3. Fall in Love Vermont Maple
4. Ugly Sweater
5. Ugly Tie
6. Bag of Coal
7. Christmas Truffle


If you don't want to order coffee online,
Here in Wisconsin,
I think Woodman's Market carries a great select of coffee and
in my neck of the woods, Trigs.
Both offer many different kinds of bulk coffee and
both carry many different varieties of ground coffee.

Kitchen Tip~
 ~ How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder~
~Coffee grinder in need of a cleaning~
 ~ You will need 2 pieces of white bread~
 ~ Tear bread into large pieces, and place in coffee grinder~
~ Place cover on coffee grinder~
  ~ Grind bread pieces in coffee grinder~
~ Empty bread crumbs~
 ~ Repeat process with second piece of bread~
 ~Cover of coffee grinder also gets cleaned~
 ~ Empty bread crumbs~
 ~Wipe coffee grinder out with a paper towel~
~ Nice and shiny clean~
~ Ready to make the next pot of coffee!!
**The views written here are my own. I have not been asked to write this post nor have I been compensated by any of the companies mentioned above**
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