June 15, 2013

Field Trip- Larry the Logger and Babe the Blue Ox

Today, we are on our way to Wabeno WI~
To say "Hi" to Larry the Logger!

On our way back home,
we are going to stop by
Maple Heights Campground~
Home of Babe the Blue Ox.

Larry the Logger~

 Wabeno WI
Steam Logger~

 Wabeno Logging Museum~

Located in the North Woods of Wisconsin, Wabeno is a town of about 1,200 people. The town name is derived from the Indian word "waubeno" meaning "coming of the winds." It is speculated that this word was used because of a devastating tornado that swept through the region in 1880.
Wabeno was once a significant logging town with three lumber companies: the Menominee Bay Shore Lumber Company, the Jones Lumber Company, and the A.E. Rusch Company. By 1936, all three mills were shut down.
Today, tourists flock to the region to see the logging museum, the log-frame public library, the giant statue of Larry the Logger, and one of the last remaining functional steam logging machines. The railway has since been removed, replaced with a hiking and bike path. A former logging baron mansion is now a bed & breakfast for town visitors.
In 2003, Wabeno was rated as having the best tasting water in Wisconsin. After receiving such a prestigious status, the town began bottling the water.

Excerpt from History of Wabeno~ 
Maple Heights Campground

Maple Heights Campground~
Is Located in the Heart of the Beautiful Nicolet National Forest~
Between Lakewood and Townsend WI

Babe the "Blue Ox"

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