May 30, 2013

It's Rhubarb Time

On the Menu Today~

It's Rhubarb Time!!

Plus directions for:
How to Freeze Rhubarb
It's Rhubarb Time~

When I was growing up,
we had a huge rhubarb patch in the far corner of our back yard.
Each spring,
my younger sister and I
would wait until the rhubarb had huge, green leaves and
was almost as tall as we were.
When the rhubarb was ready,
my mom would say,
It's Rhubarb Time!

My sister and I would run to the rhubarb patch and
pull out as many stalks as we could carry.
We would then rinse the stalks
under running water from the garden hose.

My mom would be in the kitchen,
waiting with small bowls full of sugar.
One for each of us.
My sister and I would sit on the front porch and
dip our stalks of rhubarb into our bowls of sugar.
We would sit and eat rhubarb until we got a stomach ache!

For dessert that night,
we would have rhubarb pie.
For breakfast the next morning,
we would have stewed rhubarb on toast.
Ahh, the good ol days...

Rhubarb can be used fresh or frozen.
Frozen rhubarb doesn't need to be thawed before using.

How to Freeze Rhubarb

  • 3 to 4 pounds fresh rhubarb
Cooking Directions
  1. Wash rhubarb and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Slice rhubarb into bite-size slices/cubes. Place in freezer bags, with 2 to 4 cups per bag.
  3. Write the date and amount on the bag.
  4. Freeze until ready to use in your favorite recipes.


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