May 23, 2013

Field Trip- Farm Fresh Eggs

On the Menu Today~
Farm Fresh Eggs

There is nothing better than Farm Fresh Eggs.
Fresh eggs not only taste better, they look better.
Many farm fresh eggs have double yolks,
which is an added bonus.
When using farm fresh eggs with double eggs,
you should consider them extra large eggs.

Field Trip: Farm Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs make a huge difference in recipes.
Meringues, souffles', omelets, pancakes, and deviled eggs.....
everything you make or
bake will taste better when using farm fresh eggs...
You will definitely notice the difference.

Farm fresh eggs usually cost less than eggs you buy in a grocery store too.
I pay $1.25 to $1.50 for a dozen of fresh, extra large, double yolked eggs.

The next time your taking a drive through the countryside....
looking at the many beautiful Barn Quilts in your area...
Stop at a farm when you see the familiar
 "Eggs For Sale"sign in the yard...and
pick up a dozen or two....
you, your family and your recipes,
will be so glad you did~

                                                                             Barn Quilts

Look at the difference between store bought eggs and farm fresh eggs....
Can you guess which is which??
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