May 8, 2013

Field Trip- Olde World Pastries

Olde World Pastries Plus~
Home of the Danish Kringle~

Field Trip first stop:  Olde World Pastries Plus~
The signature pastry at Ole World Pastries Plus is Danish Kringle.
This wonderful little gem of a bakery is located
15 minutes North of  Green Bay, in Little Suamico.
This place is Danish Kringle Heaven!
Olde World Pastries Plus has over 40 varieties and
I have tried 8!

This pastry literally melts in your mouth.
Danish Kringles are filled with fruit or caramel-nut fillings.
They're made with layers and layers of delicious dough and
the layers are made with real Wisconsin butter...
to give them that melt-in-your-mouth flakiness~

Olde World Pastries also offers Specialty Wedding Cakes and
Wedding Cupcakes with a twist.
They are called "boozed up" cakes.
They have 8 varieties and here are a few:
1. Adam and Eve: Lemon with Brandy and Forbidden Fruit Liqueur ButterCream
2. Happily Ever After: Peach and Cranberry with a Whiskey Rhubarb ButterCream
3. Sweet Temptation: Dark Chocolate infused with Chocolate Liqueur with a Grand Mariner and Galliano ButterCream
4. Walk Me Down the Aisle: Orange infused with Blue Curacao with a Rum Tequila ButterCream~

"Boozed Up"Cupcakes are:
Mango Rum,
The Blarney,
Frangelico Chocolate Hazelnut and
The White Russian
To name just a few~

Seasonal Baked Goods include:
German Stollen,
Czech Houska,
Christmas Bread,
Christmas Cookies,
Elephant Ears and Danish Layer Cakes~
They also sell Dobbers Pasties,
Which are a favorite in my house~ Dobbers Pasties

We bought the Lemon Cream Cheese Kringle~
Which was Wonderful~

Update: August, 2015
Olde World Pastries Plus has moved.
Please call ahead to get directions to their new location.

Stollen, German

If you get a chance,
check out Olde World Pastries and
taste a slice of The Olde World~
*I have not been asked to write a review,
nor have I been compensated from Olde World Pastries*
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