December 4, 2012

Food Finds

On the Menu Today~
Food Find
Limited Edition
Cranberry English Muffins by

Today when I was grocery shopping,
I came acrossed an item I would like to pass on to you.
Limited Edition,
Cranberry English Muffins
made by Thomas.

I have to admit..
these English muffins are fantastic!!
They are made with REAL cranberries and
have a wonderful orange flavor.

Boy, did they smell good when I opened the package!!
I simply toasted these delicious muffins and
spread on a thin layer of cream cheese.
If you get a chance to try,
Limited Edition
Cranberry English Muffins
by Thomas,
pick up a package.
You'll be so glad you did!
Thomas English Muffins

Muffins, Food Review, Cranberry

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