August 31, 2012

Let's Talk Spices

On the Menu Today~

I have a confession to make....
I am a Spice-a-holic.....

I love spices and
always have many different kind of spices in my pantry.
A few years ago,
my hubby and I moved to rural Wisconsin.
I found it was easier and
much cheaper to order spices online.

When we lived in the Fox Valley,
it wasn't a problem to find spices.
Penzey's has an outlet store located in Grand Chute,
near the Fox River Mall.
There are numerous large grocery stores to shop for spices.
Now though,
I do most of my spice shopping online.

Here are a few wonderful Spice sites to check out on the web..
You will find any spice, herb or extract you will ever need.
I have only mentioned a few here, there are many, many more to check out.
Sorry, smells not included:)
Spices Inc.,
Spice Island,
Spice Barn,
Fiesta Spices
Chili Pepper Madness,
Armadillo Peppers,
Chef Paul,
My Spice Sage,
All Seasoning ,
Spice and Tea Exchange


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